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Lea is now 36 weeks pregnant and she and Shaun are happy. However, Lea is concerned that Shaun being Jared's boss might be difficult.

Jared comes to work in a pink sports car, interrupting Jordan bothering Asher about his love life.

Andrews warns Shaun not to give Jared special treatment. They see a patient who has Tourette's Syndrome and laughs uncontrollably. She says some kids beat her up after she responded to their bullying by egging their lockers.

Park and Asher see a little kid who got dizzy and sick. The grandmother shows up and says she's the legal guardian. Anyway, the kid has a low heartbeat.

Jared doesn't let Morrgan throw him.

Shaun is not happy his brown surgical tool is not available. Also he doesn't like Jordan saying that Jared is best friends with the boss.

Park realizes that Carter's heart is backward (inverted).

Jared and Shaun's patient argues that she doesn't want to be homeschooled and then she has a seizure.

Jordan doesn't thjink Jared changing protocols is a good idea but he's sure Shaun will appreciate it. However, Shaun is not happy and says the images are unuseable.

Park thinks they should use a pacemaker. Asher disagrees and so does Lim.

Asher and Jerome argue, sort of, and Lim and Park want to know what's going on. Asher says that Jerome lied to him. Jerome says he has HIV but it is undetectable, which means he can't pass the virus on. He leaves. Asher refuses to go after him.

The grandmother wants the pacemaker. Park explains if the heart fails it will be too late. The mom wants to do the reconstruction but Grandma says it's not up to her. The child's condition gets worse.

Jerome apologizes to Lim who says he has no duty to disclose and encourages him to give Asher time.

Jordan thinks Jared is spoiled and needs to accept he's the new kid on the block. Jared wants to prove he belongs here, but admits Jordan is right. Shaun comes in and Jordan says even following the protocols, the image is not clear. Shaun says the image is clear but the patient has a brain tumor not Tourettes.

Shaun says the tumor is not cancerous but he can stop it from growing. .However the treatment may not stop her tics. Jared thinks they should consider other options such as a recession. Shaun says it's risky. The girl wants to be normal.

The grandmother says Carter is traumatised from his mother leaving. She has to do what's best for Carter. Asher says the surgery is best for Carter.

Shaun tells Lea he is not hungry and he doesn't want people to think Jared is getting special treatment and he doesn't understand why Jared is making these mistakes. Lea suggests he give Jared the rules.

During surgery Lim and Park encourage Asher to work things out with Jerome.

Jared thinks he has a solution. Shaun has a list of rules for Jared. He also doesn't want to hear Jared's ideas about the recession. Jared insists that the patient's depression is also important. Shaun says Jared has to follow his instructions precisely and runs away.

Jerome and Asher talk. Jerome says it took a long time for him to date again after his diagnosis and guys didn't want to deal with his status. So he didn't want to tell Asher the truth. Asher feels Jerome made a unilateral decision and took away his choice. (Never mind that it was NOT transmittable.) Asher feels this mistake changes how he feels. Jerome says he is the one living with this disease. Asher's phone rings and he has to go.

Carter has crashed and he can't breathe. The pacemaker is functioning properly so something else is going on.

Bianca tries to explain to her mother that leaving Carter with her was the right decision and so is this surgery. Elaine says she should decide since she is the mother. Bianca wants Carter to have the surgery.

Jared says Jordan was right. He needs to figure out his next move. Jordan says listen. Instead of trying to fix everything, listen.

Jared encourages his patient to tell her mother how she feels. The girl is able to explain and the mother decides to consent to the surgery.

Shaun goes and complains to Glassman who tells him to take a seat and informs him he was a similar pain in the ass as a first-year resident and that he needs to allow Jared to learn from his mistakes.

The surgery begins. Glassman and Jared both assist. Shaun asks Jared to close.

Carter awakens hungry which is a good sign. Grandma offers to get food for both mother and son.

The patient looks scared. Her memory is intact and her tics are gone.

Jared comes to see Andrews. He asks him not to judge Shaun on his work.

Asher meets Jerome and apologizes for being a jerk. They talk and make up.

Jared thanks Shaun for not going easy on him. Shaun wants to continue to be his friend and his boss. Also he will call him Jared when they are in friend mode. He critiques Jared's suturing but Jared says that was Glassman..



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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Woman: Mom, I don't have to get your permission to deal with my son.
Grandmother: Actually, you do. I'm his legal guardian.

You going to work or to the club?