Diane and Liz - The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 10
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Marissa goes to represent Matteo at Vinetta's court but makes things worse when the charges get upped to murder.

She calls Diane for backup, who ends up in prison after subourning perjury to get Matteo out of jail.

Diane is locked up, and Kurt comes to visit her.

Diane realizes she's OK stepping down as name partner, so long as she can stay at the firm.

The police then put an end to Vinetta's court, and Diane and Kurt are freed.

Diane tells Liz she's stepping down as name partner.

The Plum Meadow Farms deal is in jeopardy if Oscar Rivi goes to jail.

Carmen and Liz work to get Oscar free and realize Isabel would benefit from the deal if Oscar was imprisoned.

Oscar refuses to believe it until Carmen and Liz implement a test, forcing Isabel's hand.

Oscar then puts his plan into action and gets Isabel to side with him in court, thus ensuring the deal goes forward.

Wackner hears a case on part of Illinois seceding from the rest of the state. 

Marissa questions David Cord and learns David Cord will start a new court if he doesn't like Wackner's ruling.

Wackner sides against David Cord, and white supremacists riot and destroy the court.

The episode ends with multiple people creating their own community courts and carrying out their rulings.

The Good Fight
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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Diane: Ma'am, is it true that you are thinking of trying Matteo for murder.
Vinetta: Yes. May I show you something?
Diane: Of course.
Vinetta: This is Christopher. He was walking home from school when he got caught in the crossfire of gang shootout. One of the gangs was Oscar Rivi’s. I did the eulogy Christopher's funeral. Ever done a eulogy for an 8-year-old?
Diane: No.
Vinetta: Not pleasant. This is Gabriel. He wanted to go to USC film school. He was killed by a corner boy who mistook him for somebody else.
Diane: I am sorry. I mean I can't say that I understand your pain, because, of course, I can't, but Matteo should be given over to the police, not held here.
Vinetta: The police haven't arrested anyone for those murders, any of these. Since the BLM Movement, they've pulled back from our streets. No one's coming to help. That's why I started this court. It's not a joke to us. It's not your firm's reality show…
Diane: Oh, that’s not my firm.
Vinetta: Actually it is Mrs. Lockhart. If I were you I would prepare your client for trial.

Marissa: Then why care when Judge Wackner decides.
David Cord: Why?
Marissa: Yes, why should you defer to him? Why defer to anyone?
David Cord: Isn't that the point of this entire experiment? Judge Wackner judges because we, the people, do not like the Cook County judicial system.
Marissa: So if you don't like this court system, you'll just start a new one?
David Cord: I guess.
Marissa: So then why does this matter, this court?
David Cord: It matters only in so far as we continue to agree that it matters.
Marissa: So if you don't like Judge Wackner's rulings, you can just ignore them and create a new court?
David Cord: Yes, however, I'm guessing that I will like the way the judge decides.
Marissa: Your Honor, is this what you think? That it doesn't matter what you decide?
Wackner: I need a moment to consider my ruling.