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We see Vicky sitting behind what used to be Michael's desk, with Michael opposite her. Vicky and her cohorts are thrilled with the way her Good Place experiment is going. An associate has an idea about how to torture Tahani: they'll have her throw a birthday party, but someone else will throw a bigger and better party and no one will show up to Tahani's.

Michael arrives at Eleanor's house for ethics lessons with Chidi. He complains that millennials have no work ethic and Vicky's ideas for torture are too basic. Eleanor notes that the coast is clear of demons, and tries to verify that "demons" is an acceptable term. Michael says that "demon" is actually a little racist, but he doesn't offer another term for what he is.

Michael thinks Chidi's ethics syllabus is garbage. Michael tries to get into character as a human so they can begin the lesson.

Tahani is upset about planning a party she knows will fail. Jason consoles her by saying she was assigned that task because she's the best at it. She decides to plan a party that's even better than the party that's supposed to win.

Michael is not doing well with his ethics lessons. Eleanor and Chidi discuss his slim progress off to the side. Chidi suggests Michael struggles to learn ethics because he's immortal.

They approach Michael, and Chidi asks if there's any way for Michael to die. Michael explains retirement. Chidi asks about it, and he suggests that Michael imagine retirement. Michael seems to have an epiphany, and then a major meltdown. He curls up in the fetal position, mouth agape, in Chidi's lap.

Chidi explains that Michael is having an existential crisis. If he can work through it, it's the first step towards understanding ethics.

Eleanor tries to talk to Michael. She explains that you learn about death as a kid and it becomes less of a big deal.

We see a flashback to Eleanor's childhood: her mom enters the house and tells her that her dog has passed on. She spins a story about her dog crossing the rainbow bridge to a farm in Guam. When Eleanor asks if they can visit the dog, her mother gives up and says the dog is dead. Her mom left him in a hot car. She is completely self-absorbed and doesn't allow Eleanor to grieve.

Tahani is at her party and thinks she's outdone herself. Michael, Chidi, and Eleanor arrive. They try to distract Michael.

We see the other party for Gunnar. It's significantly better than Tahani's. The gang tells Michael to stay put; they'll come back and check on him.

Vicky tells them about all the fun events at the other party, including a puppy pit, a flying station, and the opportunity to sit in a kanagroo's pouch. She tells Tahani they'll all head over to her party later.

Eleanor tells Tahani she needs to walk around the party looking miserable, which isn't difficult because she's already doing that.

Michael appears to be having a midlife crisis. He thanks Eleanor for advising him to push his feelings down. He has a pierced ear now.

He has a secretary, "Janette," which is Janet in a wig and different outfit. Michael asked her to change her appearance and play dumb. He seems thrilled with repressing his feelings.

Eleanor thinks that Michael is doing better than before, but Chidi says a midlife crisis is denial. Eleanor remarks that for an immortal being, Michael's pretty fragile.

We see another flashback: Eleanor is at her father's funeral. Her boyfriend is there. Her mother barges in and starts insulting her father. Her mother tells her not to be sad. She slips Eleanor's boyfriend her room key.

Back in the present, Vicky suggests they go over to the restaurant for Tahani's party, but Tahani says they should stay there.

Michael rushes the stage. He tells them to focus on great things and rambles on in full midlife crisis mode. Vicky ushers him off the stage and remarks that he didn't run any of this past her.

Michael says he was mad at first when Vicky took over, but now he's realized that anger is toxic. Vicky seems to believe him.

Jason doesn't realize why Tahani is upset when they're at such a great party, but figures it out when he realizes it's because no one wants to go to the party Tahani planned.

Michael, Janet, Chidi, and Eleanor have left the party. Michael wants to keep moving so he doesn't think about death.

Chidi asks Eleanor if she ever had a moment where she was freaked out about the permanence of death.

We see another flashback: Eleanor has her moment at a Bed, Bath, and Beyond store when she sees a toothbrush holder for four toothbrushes and realizes that a whole family might exist. She ends up crying into a plunger.

In the present, Eleanor tells Michael that he's learning what it's like to be human. All humans are aware of death, but that's the only reality they're given. There's no other choice. She says if you try to ignore your sadness, it starts leaking out of you anyway. She tells him that a wise Bed, Bath, and Beyond employee once told her, "Go ahead and cry all you want, but you're going to have to pay for that toilet plunger."

Tahani is upset, and Jason notices. She wonders if she's really that shallow, if they're torturing her by party planning. Jason shares a story about the 60 person dance crew he was in charge of in Jacksonville. Members were ranked in several categories. He tells her that she would get an eight in every category. As it turns out, on this scale of 1-13, an eight is best. The scale goes up and down, like a tent.

According to Jason, Tahani is "cool, dope, fresh, and smart-brained." Jason tells her that she's awesome and should be nicer to herself.

Chidi reads Michael's torture report aloud, which he has embellished to make them sound more miserable than they are. They wonder where Tahani and Jason are.

We see Tahani and Jason in bed together. Tahani wants to talk about it, but Jason decides to go make breakfast for them. Neither seems to regret the decision to sleep together.

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The Good Place Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I would say I outdid myself, but I'm always this good. So I simply did myself.


Eleanor: Right now, I'm your best student. I'm gonna be the velociraptor.
Chidi: Are you trying to say valedictorian?