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At the conclusion of the last episode, Michael announced that he wanted to work with the humans. They are confused and don't understand why, but Michael insists that circumstances have changed and it's now in their best interests to work as a team.

Eleanor points out that Michael wouldn't offer a deal for no reason.

Michael explains that he needs them. He built the neighborhood to torture them for thousands of years, but they kept figuring it out, and now Vicky is blackmailing him. Michael is supposed to reboot them, erase their memories, and turn control over to Vicky in 30 minutes.

Michael suggests the humans act like they're rebooted so they can do whatever they want in their free time. He was only supposed to have two shots at his experiment, and if Shawn finds out the truth, they'll be in hot water.

Eleanor calls a human meeting. Jason trusts Michael because he has a bow tie. Eleanor and Tahani both think Michael is tricking them, and Chidi wants more information. The four bicker but eventually agree to ask Michael for more information.

When they ask Michael why they should trust him, he says they shouldn't, but they have to. If they don't, Michael will reboot them, they'll figure it out again, Vicky will tell Shawn, Shawn will shut everything down, Michael will be punished, and the humans will spend eternity in the "real" Bad Place.

Jason is preoccupied with asking Michael questions about the Jacksonville Jaguars, so Eleanor calls Janet and asks for something shiny for Jason to play with. Janet hands him a sparkler, much to his delight.

Tahani asks how many attempts they've been through, and Michael says 802. The current experiment has been going for one week, and the longest was eleven months.

Janet finds out that she was also rebooted 802 times. She explains that every time a Janet is rebooted, she increases her social awareness and abilities, so she might be the most advanced Janet in the universe.

Michael says that there's a Janet in every good and bad neighborhood, but that he stole this particular Janet from a good neighborhood to sell the ruse.

Eleanor is still not convinced they should trust Michael. He insists that they're running out of time and he's their only option. Eleanor says there's always another option.

Michael tells them that if they help him, he'll help them get to the real Good Place. He admits he isn't sure he can actually do that, but he will try, and he intends to go with them. Eleanor calls another human meeting, sans Jason, who is busy with his sparkler.

Chidi wants to work with Michael because he wants the opportunity to become a better person. Eleanor disagrees.

Tahani announces there's been a mistake; she belongs in the Good Place. Michael explains that she never actually cared about the people she was helping on Earth; she did it for the fame, status, and to spite her family. He shows her how she died.

In a flashback, we see Tahani being interviewed for the cover story of a magazine, but all the questions are about her sister, Kamilah, who is about to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Tahani says she won't be able to make it to the ceremony, but we see her there in a waitress uniform.

She approaches Kamilah, who pretends not to know her at first. Tahani tries to tell Kamilah off, but Kamilah does not seem to care. Losing it, Tahani rushes toward a giant gold statue by the stage, trying to pull it down. It falls straight towards her.

Back in the present, Tahani finally has an epiphany about her life on Earth. She announces that she wants to help Michael after all.

Eleanor believes she's the only one who understands, and the humans begin fighting again. Michael laughs, telling them that they are cockroaches to him. He's the exterminator, but now his survival depends on them agreeing to help him.

Chidi tries to convince Eleanor, and she asks for a minute to think alone. She retreats to her room and calls Janet, asking for a train filled to the brim with cocaine. She plans to go to Mindy St. Claire's house.

Chidi catches Eleanor trying to sneak out and confronts her. They argue about doing the right thing, and she tells him he can come with her to Mindy's, but he wishes her luck and walks away.

Eleanor has a moment of realization, drops her bag, and goes back into the house. She asks Michael if Chidi helped her in every iteration of the "Good Place." He says yes.

Eleanor returns to the other humans and says she thinks they should help Michael because it's what Chidi would do. She announces to Michael that they are in, but on one condition: Michael must take ethics lessons with Chidi. Initially, Michael refuses, but Eleanor points out that it's his only option.

We see Michael taking Eleanor through a fake tour of the "Good Place." They're back to the original frozen yogurt-centric model. In the town square, Vicky is introduced as the top point getter in the neighborhood, and she sings "I Will Survive."

Michael and the four humans are at Eleanor's house with Janet. Michael explains that Vicky plans to torture them in much the same way as he did, so Eleanor needs to get drunk and insult people at the welcome party, Chidi needs to act nervous and be embarrassed by Eleanor, Tahani just needs to be herself, and Jason needs to pretend to be Jianyu.

Jason asks Janet if she'll rat them out. She won't, because her purpose is to make humans happy, and they're the only actual humans there.

They have a team huddle and say "Team Cockroach" on three, except for Jason, who shouts his preferred team name, the Bobcats.



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The Good Place Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Eleanor: Teaming up with a demon is insane.
Chidi: Maybe, but I think we have to do it.
Eleanor: Are you forking kidding me right now?! You take half an hour to pick out a turtleneck and yet THIS you're sure about?

Every time a Janet is rebooted, she increases her social awareness and abilities. I might be the most advanced Janet in the universe!