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The episode begins where the last episode left off. Michael goes to the judge to ask her to consider a new angle. Michael says the humans got better after they died. He says the system they use to judge humans is so flawed that millions of people have been wrongly condemned to an eternity of torture. The judge has goosebumps because of his argument. 

Eleanor and Tahani discuss Tahani's test and her experience with her parents. Eleanor is proud of Tahani and the progress she has made. Tahani has said it's because she and Eleanor have become friends. 

Jason reminisces about what has happened to them since they got to the afterlife and say it's one of the craziest years of his life. Janet professes her love to Jason. Chidi looks at Eleanor during this, and Eleanor looks away. Jason tells Janet that he thinks he loves her too. 

Chidi walks over to Eleanor and kisses her. Eleanor is shocked and says "hot-diggitiy-dog." The judge comes out with Michael and says that she and Michael figured out a plan to save their souls. Each human will go to their own medium places alone while Michael figures out other ways to get them into the good place. Michael says it's either this or back to the bad place. 

Eleanor says both options suck. She says it isn't justice to live alone. The judge says they weren't good enough to pass the tests she gave them. She also believes they became good in Michael's fake good place because they thought they were working towards a reward. 

Michael thinks they would be good if they just got a push in the right direction. He has an idea. The judge says it will never work. The humans have no idea what they're talking about. Michael convinces the judge to say yes. 

Eleanor asks what is going on, and the judge snaps her finger. They go back to being humans on earth. Eleanor is saved from death by a mysterious person. 

Eleanor goes back to her apartment and her friends are being mean. Eleanor tells them about her near death experience. Her friends share their own "near" death experiences, and Eleanor goes to her room and cleans it. She puts things into donation bags and makes a Facebook post about trying to become a better and more generous person. 

Eleanor goes to work looking happy. She tells her boss that tricking people into buying fake medicine is wrong and she wants to become a better person. So, she quits. 

She returns to the grocery store to talk to the environmental guy she was mean to when she died. She apologizes for being mean to him. He thanks her and accepts her apology. She asks him to help her become a better person and to join his environmental team. 

Janet and Michael check their progress on earth. Michael seems happy with Eleanor's. 

Eleanor goes around and talks to people about environmental issues. She goes to a Mexican restaurant with her friends, and she says she's trying to eat vegetarian. Her friend thanks Eleanor for standing by her during the "dress bitch" fiasco. Eleanor decides to tell her the truth about the "dress bitch" shirts, and she apologizes to her friend. Her friend screams at them and storms out of the restaurant after telling them to move out of her apartment. 

Eleanor continues to talk about environmental issues but is becoming disenchanted with it.

She is parking her car when she hits another car and leaves a note to be honest about it. The woman sues her by saying she has "whiplash," even though she wasn't in the car, and Eleanor is mad that she did the right thing but got punished for it. Her friend and roommate says she should have never left a note. Michael checks her progress and appears displeased with what is happening. 

Eleanor reads a magazine and the environmental guy comes in to ask where she's been. She says it's been a crazy month. He says it's a job and they're counting on her. Her friend comes in and interrupts them. She says she got tickets to the Taylor Swift reggae cover band. Eleanor says she's going to that instead of her meeting at work. Eleanor says she's been good for six months but has got nothing to show for it. The environmental guy says she can get a sense of doing good for the world out of it. She quits her job and kicks him out of the apartment after telling him to eat her farts. 

Eleanor goes back to her old boss to get a job as a recruiter for a for-profit university that teaches people how to sell fake medicine to others.  

Michael asks Janet if she realizes the problem. Janet says yes, but there's no help. Michael gets an idea. 

Eleanor walks into a bar on her birthday, and her friend leaves her alone to go to see her married boyfriend. Eleanor goes up to the bar to order a drink.

Michael is the bartender and listens to Eleanor talk about the crazy year she has had. Eleanor says the problem with doing good is that no one cares. Michael, as the bartender, explains that what Eleanor wants is "moral dessert." He says she is doing it for a reward. Michael talks about his friend who had a voice of conscience that told her when she was doing bad or when she was doing good. Eleanor says she needs to leave and asks what she owes for her drinks. Michael asks what he and Eleanor owe to each other.

Michael returns to his room with Janet and asks if anyone noticed he was gone. 

Eleanor searches "what we owe to each other" and finds a video of Chidi talking about this concept in a 3 hour lecture. Eleanor watches the lecture. Chidi says that they choose to be good because of bonds with other people. Her friend comes in and asks her to go out with her. Eleanor says no, she is going somewhere else. She heads to Australia towards St. John's University and finds Chidi in his office. She asks Chidi if they can talk, and Michael looks pleased as he looks at her results. 

The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

So, why do it then? Why choose to be good, every day, if there is no guaranteed reward we can count on, now or in the afterlife? I argue that we choose to be good because of our bonds with other people and our innate desire to treat them with dignity. Simply put, we are not in this alone.


Eleanor: I gotta go home. What do I owe you?
Michael: The real question, Eleanor, is what do we owe to each other?