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Michael brings the gang to meet the judge at IHOP. Her powers are limited there and she can't retire Michael on the spot. 

Jason confesses his feelings to Janet and they decide to go on a date once everything is over. 

The judge appears and yells at Michael for breaking so many rules. She augments everyone's reality so it appears that they're in an actually IHOP rather than the interdimensional one. Michael tries to convince her that it's impossible to get into the Good Place. 

The judge goes down to check out Earth and is overwhelmed at how complicated it is. She calls in Shawn so the Bad Place can weigh in on the problem. 

Chidi suggests that they perform the same experiment that was conducted on them and see if they get the same results. If so, that proves that without the complicated and confusing aspects of Earth, anyone can become a good person. 

Everyone agrees and Michael and Janet recreate the Good Place neighborhood in Mindy St. Claire's backyard. 

Janet and Jason run into Derek who has become more intelligent due to thousands of reboots. Jason is visually jealous of him. 

Shawn tells Michael that he has created a "Michael suit," so when his experiment fails Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason will think they are being tortured by him if they are sent to the Bad Place. 

Michael panics and when it's time to talk to the first test subject, leaving Eleanor unsure of what to do. 


The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Michael: If you eat anything at this IHOP you will literally explode.
Jason: Yeah, I know. It's IHOP.

Your big revelation...is life is complicated?