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Michael has a nervous breakdown and Eleanor has to take over for him by pretending to be the architect of the neighborhood.

One of the new test subjects, John, had it out for Tahani on Earth, and Tahani realizes that the Bad Place purposely picked people the gang wouldn't get along with. 

Simone shows up in The Good Place, and the judge allows them to erase her memories. 

Tahani tries to put her best foot forward and be cordial to John. 

Chidi knows he can't handle Simone being there and that he will eventually do or say something that will ruin the experiment. He tells Michael that he needs to be rebooted and have his memories erased. 

Eleanor tries to think of another way, but Chidi tells her that this is the only emotion.

As a gift to the two, Michael shows Chidi and Eleanor all the memories that they had lost. They both say their farewells and make a promise to find each other again. 

Eleanor asks Janet to explain the meaning of the universe to her, but Janet tells her that if there was an answer to that life would be a machine instead of a surprise. 

Chidi is in the Good Place waiting room and Eleanor invites him into the office to brief him. 

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The Good Place Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Eleanor: I became such a good person I almost forgot I'm a world class liar baby.
Chidi: Very fun thing to hear from your girlfriend. You're doing great.

Fun little update. Michael was feeling a bit overwhelmed, so new plan. I'm the architect.