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Eleanor shows Chidi around the Good Place, and gets choked up when he forgets her name. 

The demons get hyped up in the Bad Place, while Eleanor, Michael, Jason, Janet, and Tahani start the Good Place experiment. 

Eleanor welcomes a woman named Linda, who appears underwhelmed with everything. A man named Brent is next, and Eleanor assumes he's there to annoy her. 

Matt from accounting explains the new point system. Eleanor and her friends plan to get to know the new test subjects to understand them. 

To Jason's dismay, Derek continues to pursue Janet. 

Simone believes that she's in a coma and the Good Place is a hallucination. Everyone wants to send Chidi to talk to her, but Eleanor shoots the idea down.

Derek threatens Jason when he tries to call a truce. 

At Michael's persistence, Eleanor gives in and introduces Simone to Chidi, but she still believes everything is a hallucination. 

Jason reboots Derek for being mean to him and Janet gets frustrated with him. 

Linda beats everyone up, and the group discovers that she's a demon in disguise sent from the Bad Place. 

The judge decides to make Chidi the fourth test subject and orders Shawn not to interfere. 


The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Well, Linda must be here for Jason because Brent is definitely here to annoy the fork out of me.


Eleanor: Welcome to the Good Place, Chidi.
Chidi: Thank you so much. And I'm sorry. This has been so overwhelming I forgot your name.
Eleanor: Eleanor.