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As Alicia considers running for State's Attorney, Eli brings in Johnny Elfman, a well respected campaign manager to help Alicia with the vetting process. Eli lays it all on the table (literally) and offers a file full of skeletons that could come up in a potential campaign run. 

Alicia learns about Zach's girlfriend's abortion, her brother's affair with a married man and her mom's run in with a small child in a department store. Eli even learns something new, finding out about Peter and Kalinda sleeping together. 

Alicia calls Zach and when she finally gets him on the line asks him about the abortion and tells him that if asked, he will say that Alicia not only knew about it, but laid out the options for him and encouraged him against abortion. 

After sharing a glass of wine with Finn (another potential skeleton in Alicia's closet), Alicia is pulled over for a DUI. While she is tested on the street, someone snaps her photo, which is leaked to the tabloids claiming Alicia has a drinking problem. 

The verdict is in and Alicia lets Elfman know she is officially running for State's Attorney. 

Eli and Elfman tell Alicia she needs to cut ties with Lemond Bishop as a client, which proves to be very hard for Alicia. After flat out refusing to find another attorney, Lemond questions Kalinda about why they want to drop him as a client. She lets him know Alicia is thinking of running for State's Attorney and he does find another lawyer, but not before funding a PAC to support Alicia's campaign. 

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

I just don't think it lasts. Good news doesn't last.


We're just talking. It doesn't mean anything.