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During their weekend of sex, bad movies and honesty, Jason says he investigated Alicia because he wanted to make sure she’d pay him. Alicia tells him she has an arrangement with Peter. That they need one another for their careers. 

Alicia’s mother shows up. She says she was Madoff’d and all of her money is gone. Then Veronica barges into Alicia’s bedroom and finds Jason. Owen shows up because Veronica told him to come to Alicia’s and they both ogle Jason and insist he stay for bagels. Then Eli and Michael Tascioni show up at the door because the grand jury against Peter is tomorrow. Alicia gets served to testify. 

Ruth Eastman is also called in for questioning. Eli and Michael Tascioni suspect she’s made a deal. While waiting outside the grand jury room, Alicia realizes you can hear the testimony through the vent in the handicapped bathroom. It’s illegal for her, as a lawyer, to listen in so she has Eli do it. He hears them asking questions about fundraising practices in 2012 involving Lloyd Garber. Michael tricks FBI agent Lavin into admitting that they are investigating some sort of payoff. 

Eli also hears that the investigation is linked to a case, The People vs. Richard Lock. Cary was involved in the case while he was in the DA’s office. Cary says he thinks that Lock’s father was somebody important but he never knew who. Something clicks for Eli who tells him they need to stop talking because they will both most likely be subpoenaed to testify. 

Jason investigates Gino Davidson, the man that who invested Veronica’s money and finds no wrong doing, just bad luck. Then he realizes that Veronica is on a suckers list, a list of people who are easily conned. He sends Veronica and Owen back to Gino and they record him trying to run another con. Jason plays Gino the recording but says that turning it over to law enforcement isn’t his plan.  

Cary and David Lee still suspect Diane of trying to form an all female firm. Alicia asks Diane about it. Diane says that she respects Cary but he’s no Will Gardner. She’d like to buy Cary out and partner with Alicia instead. Alicia struggles with whether or not she should tell Cary. 

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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

Sex is a good replacement for tequila.


I've been working with Cary as a fellow named partner for a year. He's learned a lot. I respect him a great deal, but he is no Will Gardner.