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All of the associates quit their positions at Lockart, Agos, & Lee and wiped their work clean from the computers leaving Diane unable to file a case for Reese Dipple. Diane, David, and Howard all blame Cary for making the associates feel as though they had a generational war going on at the firm. They say the associates played him and that he needs to make it right. 

Cary meets with the associates. They say they never even started the brief they were supposed to work on and they are taking jobs at Louis Canning’s firm whose client opposes Reese Dipple. Running up against a filing deadline, Diane hires Monica on as an associate. 

When they can’t make their filing, Cary meets with the associates who left and offers to pay them more than Canning if they come back immediately to help. He even offers them a signing bonus. They come back and hear about the strategy the firm is using in the Dipple case. Then Cary and Diane fire them. Because they’ve heard about the strategy as employees there is a conflict of interest and they can’t work on the case with the opponent at Canning and have probably lost that job offer.

Ruth talks to Courtney Page about Alicia possibly having an affair with Jason Crouse. Courtney offers Jason a high paying job out of town for two months. He decides to take it. Eli stops by to talk to Alicia about Jackie and Howard but Alicia is furious about losing Jason and blames Eli. He tries to explain that it was Ruth’s doing and not his but Alicia no longer cares. 

Alicia and Luca represent Dr. Portnow who is arrested after missing his trial date because he’s performing surgery. The judge revokes his bail. He’s being charged with conspiring to kidnap, sedate and rape. In chambers, Alicia accuses the judge of using personal bias against her to penalize her client. Alicia tells the judge that she knows that Eli warned him about the bribe. The judge kicks her out. 

Dr. Portnow frequented a website geared towards dark sexual fetishes. He commented about kidnapping, sedating and raping (KSR) a woman who happened to be his patient’s mother and made plans with another person on the site to do so.  He actually called her and asked if he could come over the day he was supposed to kidnap her. Dr. Portnow’s online partner who helped develop this plan is a truck driver who is a sex offender in Milwaukee although the doctor didn’t know that. Luca shows that the truck driver was states away when they were supposedly going to rape the victim. She argues that this plan was simply a fantasy with no basis in reality. 

The jury comes back with a guilty verdict on Dr. Portnow but the judge overturns the verdict because no act was ever committed. Alicia wonders if the judge did it because it was the right thing to do or because she threatened him. 

Courtney tells Eli that she has to go back home to the Bay area and she won’t be back in Chicago for a year. He tells her that he really likes her and that she’s perfect for him. He doesn’t want her to go and asks her to at least say she’ll come back. Courtney tells him that it’s been fun but that her business is her focus. 

Heartbroken, Eli shares a drink with Alicia and tells her about Courtney. He says she should call Jason and be happy. Alicia tells him she’s fine and that she and Jason weren’t having an affair but she’s obviously sad that he’s left. Then Eli confesses to deleting the voicemall from Will Gardner six years ago where Will said that he loved Alicia and would give us everything to be with her. Eli says he’s been sick about what he’s done ever since and that Alicia deserves to be happy. Furious, Alicia kicks him out. 


The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Howard: Oh, come on. This is fun. The first case I ever worked on was a patent.
David: For what, the wheel?

It's odd that someone could be so good yet think things so bad.