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Monica Timmons, who recorded the bigoted comments while being interviewed at Lockhart, Agos, & Lee, comes back to ask if they’ll take her friend’s case citing racism against Chum Hum. Chum Hums Chummy Maps app marked their restaurant in an unsafe area and navigated users away from it, thus causing it to shut down from lack of business. 

Chum Hum hires Louis Canning who asks Lucca to lead the case because she’s black. Chum Hum says that the map is created through an algorithm and math isn’t racist but admits that many marginal areas have more black people in them. 

The judge allows Lockart Agos, & Lee to view Chum Hums’ emails and information concerning the map app. Alicia finds an email asking whether they are including home ownership rates in the algorithm. They only used it in beta testing but dropped it after beta testing and now use only viewer feedback. 

In discovery, Monica and Cary uncover targeted ads from ChumHum on Chummy Maps that use race as a factor, so they can get full discovery on ChumHum, not just limited to the map app. 

Turns out that Kip and the other programmers shared a lot of racist jokes via email while creating the software. They say they were just blowing off steam. Canning decides to tag not only the emails but all of the racists jokes on ChumHum’s search engine, thus burying the emails in a huge amount of data. The judge is furious that the fact that their software tagged an African American woman as an animal was somehow left out and fines Alicia, citing her for contempt of court.

In the end ChumHum fires the coder and changes the map app so that the safe zones are not automatic and that businesses in the “unsafe” zones still show up but they refuse to pay the restaurant owner anything because they feel her business was failing before the app went online.

Afterwards, Cary asks Lucca out. They go to a club to dance. Cary says he doesn’t really dance but follows Luca onto the dance floor anyway. 

Jason asks Alicia if he should still work for her if he’s also working for Lockart, Agos. She says she wants him to stay. Ruth notices how chummy they look and is worried. Eli questions Jason about his relationship with Alicia. Jason tells him he should be asking Alicia the questions, not him. 

Eli then asks Alicia about her relationship with Jason and she shuts him down, effectively telling him that she’s not listening and her private life is none of his business. Later it’s obvious that Jason becomes uncomfortable but when Alicia tries to talk to him about it, Nora, Eli’s assistant pops in to make sure that Jason and Alicia aren’t left alone. 

Ruth has a background check done on Jason and tells Eli to show it to Alicia. Knowing Alicia won’t react well, he shows it to Jason instead and asks why he was investigating Alicia. He says it was because he wanted to know more about the person he was going to work with. Eli later tells Alicia that Jason was investigating her.

What Alicia doesn’t know is that Courtney Page donated $50,000 to Eli to have him perform focus groups to find out if Alicia could be a viable candidate for Senate. 

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Well, it'a a racism case and my firm is a little pale at the moment.

Louis Canning

You are very sexy when you're writing a check.