Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6 Review: The Road Trip

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Cassie, Grace, and Abigail left their men behind on Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6 when Cassie participated in the unveiling of a new program at her alma mater.

Grace was along to check out Wellingsly for herself, and Abigail left Middleton to clear her head.

How much impact will the events of "The Road Trip" have on the future of Good Witch? Read our review for thoughts.

Pinky Swear - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6

We received good news and bad news recently when Good Witch got renewed for another season, but we discovered a significant member of the cast wouldn't be returning.

When writing the news article, I took a stab at why the change might be occurring, and "The Road Trip" bore out my suspicions.

Posing at the Alma Mater - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6

A lot about Grace's exploration of secondary education has been surprising.

First, she failed to get into the school of her choice, and then she didn't wait for other acceptance letters before going with on Cassie's alma mater, Wellingsly.

It is very special to be a legacy and get into a school on your own merits. 

Good Witch Renewed for Season 6 - Who's Not Returning?

But Grace has always been defined not only by her magic but her pursuit of knowledge and her excellence at school.

It's strange that the journey for her to choose Wellingsly was by way of eliminating a school she really wanted to attend.

Grace Checks Out Universities - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6

After all, the exploration could have started with Grace's acceptance elsewhere, and she could have come to love Wellingsly for all it represented.

Instead, it almost feels like Grace fell in love with Wellingsly because she feared she wouldn't have any other options. 

Most students wait until all of the schools have made a decision and then visit a lot of universities before narrowing down the results.

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Wellingsly did a great job pairing Grace with a student host, and they set up a pretty nifty welcome basket in Ella's room awaiting Grace's arrival. But given Ella's situation, I bet Cassie knew all along the outcome of the trip.

It was too coincidental that Ella was suffering from the distance between her and her father at the same time Grace needed to understand what going away to college meant.

Grace and Cassie Giggle - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6

Is there any way that Cassie didn't have a hand in molding the futures of both young women during that weekend?

Cassie likely knew that Grace had been so focused on landing acceptances that she never fully realized what it meant to leave home. 

There was also the slightest mention of Luke, of whom I am still very suspicious. Cassie didn't seem the same when she assured Grace Luke missed her, so he's got to be on the up and up.

If there three-hour anything for Grace to worry about when it comes to Luke, Cassie wouldn't have looked so pleased at Grace's happiness due to Luke's texting.

So now we know. Grace will be leaving Good Witch to study at Wellingsly, a three hour drive from Middleton. I'll miss her.

Cassie Meets Her Mentor - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6

The Wellingsly story did a lot to bolster Cassie, too.

We know she's a holistic practitioner and uses her charm to assist in ways the medicine doesn't always achieve, but learning more about her education was helpful.

I never realized she was such an esteemed member of the holistic community at large, but Willow's program bathes that in a different light.

Good Witch Review: The Forever Tree Pt. 2

Without Cassie, Willow would never have gotten involved in holistic medicine in the first place. That she is now going to head a holistic medicine curriculum at their alma mater is impressive.

It shows Cassie's dedication to holistic practices and places more value on what she does in conjunction with her magic.

A Sly Look from Cassie - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6

And we really need to talk about Cassie's behavior outside of Grey House and away from Middleton!

She always chooses the healthiest things when we notice she gets a choice, but when she steps out of her influential zone, look out!

She was all over cake during her honeymoon and was greatly enjoying the wine.

While on the road trip, she was eating chili cheese fries and craving Mickey's Burgers with a strawberry shake. Who is this woman?

It's assuring for us ordinary folk to know Cassie has her vices, as well.

The only thing that was a bit worrisome was looking at those chili cheese fries because they looked overcooked, and landed on their table only a minute after they ordered. Um, yuck?

Donovan at the Shop - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6

Speaking of all in, Abigail was having trouble going there with Donovan and got spooked learning he did not have the same issues.

It wasn't addressed, but I can't help but think a part of Abigail's worries are as a result of the Merriwick/Davenport curse, and who could blame that?

Good Witch Review: The Honeymoon

She was keeping her options open while on the road trip just enough so that any potential entanglement with another man could nudge her into the right direction.

Poor Matthew didn't stand a chance. But meeting him also shed more light on Abigail. She played volleyball in school! She always seems to put together now, that it's hard to imagine.

Abigail Cohorts with a Stranger - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6

It's easy to understand like liking someone bringing out her vulnerable side.

It's also understandable that anyone wouldn't want to use the term boyfriend after only a couple of official dates. But when you know, you know.

Abigail and Donovan have been together outside of an official date many times, and their chemistry is on display for everyone to see.

Abigail plays it loose and easy on the outside, but inside, her heart is wide open. She doesn't want it to get crushed.

That means you can bet your last dollar that the curse is going to rear its ugly head. What are the odds that it would get mentioned without getting explored fully?

Abigail Needs a Break - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6

Now that Abigail has committed to the boyfriend/girlfriend terminology expect some bumps in the road.

Bumps make life more interesting, and in the case of a centuries-old curse, they make them downright exciting.

Good Witch Review: The Prince

It would be great if instead of getting thrown by any upcoming obstacles in their path that they faced them head-on together.

They've already proven to be a formidable team as mayoral opposition, so nothing should stand in their way once they're on the path to love.

If they put their heads together, anything can happen.

The Merriwick Women - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6

Did I miss the part of Good Witch when Vincent agreed with Stephanie that being work partners was better than their being a little work, a little love?

It's not like Stephanie to step out on another guy or to lie about her situation.

Stephanie was so confident when she told Adam she and Vincent had decided to remain partners only, and she even called herself rebound girl.

Of course, it was obvious that she still had feelings for Adam and Adam's increased presence on the show made Stephanie as a romantic interest a good choice.

But it always seemed like something was holding Stephanie back from going down that path.

A Sly Look from Cassie - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6

Do you think it was because Adam is a chaplain?

Stephanie was reading the signs wrong from the very start, most of which seemed like her hesitation to his lifestyle despite her interest in him otherwise.

When she got sick, her faith got even stronger. I remember when the chaplain would come to visit. Her face would light up. Knowing that someone could bring that kind of joy to another person, that he could inspire her even when things got rough, I just knew that that's the kind of man I want to be.


But Adam surprised Stephanie with a romantic night he'd been planning for the two of them for a while. Did you notice it's kind of a Good Witch trend?

Earlier during Good Witch Season 2 Donovan visited Abigail's shop to buy a romantic bouquet of flowers he in turn handed to Abigail. Now Adam had Stephanie cooking for her own date!

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At least Stephanie was surprised, and Adam served, so that's a step in the right direction.

Still, it wouldn't be surprising in the least if Luke pulled the same tactic before the two are done for the season.

Surely men have other ways of surprising women than making them do all of the hard work themselves.

The Honoree - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6

Leaving Sam with Grey House wasn't a problem at all, of course.

It offered an opportunity for a father and son duo to stay in town and for Sam and Nick to be as influential in their lives as Cassie usually is with her guests.

Sam, though, wasn't as opaque as Cassie usually makes herself out to be. Sam and Nick both were incredulous at the amount of time Jack spent playing the violin to the exclusion of all other things in his life.

Sam: Morning, Jack.
Jack: Sorry, didn't mean to wake you.
Nick: Yeah, we always get up before sunrise.

It wasn't too long ago that Nick worried about disappointing Sam because his future wasn't set in stone, and their experience went a long way to ease some of Jack's burden letting his dad know violin wasn't his life.

Sam and Nick have had prevalent storylines for a  while now, but their inclusion in the Grey House plots take it to a completely different level. I like it!

For the first time in a while, Martha's story was too much.

Martha came dangerously close to using her friendship with Stephanie to launch her (three-episode) Martha's Musings into the stratosphere.

She didn't need to be Mayor and a TV celebrity, so losing the entertainment arc isn't going to leave any open wounds.

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The writing for Martha isn't up to par, but without her husband and son in the picture, there isn't a lot for her to do other than be the continual busybody.

Frankly, Catherine Disher deserves more than that, so I hope her stories begin to pick up again now that Martha isn't searching for Martha 2.0.

So what about you guys? I know you'll read the Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6 recap, but do you mind commenting on the review? What's going through your heads?

And don't forget you can watch Good Witch online if you need more time to think before you post a comment!

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