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Cassie takes Joy tea for breakfast. Joy has had a bad dream. When Joy realizes she knows a lot about it, Cassie says it's a Merriwick thing.

Cassie is judging the chili contest, and George plans on winning. That means there are garlic and blueberries together in the kitchen.

Sam's going to compete, too.

Cassie thinks Joy being at Grey House is just what Joy needs.

Martha wants Stephanie to name a sandwich Tinsdale on Toast.

Joy watches videos of her mom at her birthday.

Cassie is singing the same song in the kitchen.

Abigail's dad wants to introduce her to his girlfriend.

Stephanie is trying to win tickets to the Stevie Nicks concert. Abigail has them since Donovan pulled a few strings.

Uh oh. Adam and Stephanie are also participating in the big chili cookoff.

A girl named Pressley and her mom are there, and Stephanie recruits her for the cookoff.

Josie is the name of Arthur's girlfriend, and their visit gets off to a good start.

Sam's special ingredient won't be there in time for the cookoff. That leads to banter with Sam.

Tom is running against Martha because she failed to widen the footbridge as she promised when she ran for mayor.

Martha, too, is entering the cookoff.

Cassie offers to raid Martha's spice cupboard to find Sam's ingredient.

Stephanie doesn't think much of Adam's chili. He's made a grave error.

Pressley doesn't understand why she's losing her best friend.

Cassie helps Joy plant a magnolia in honor of her mother. While doing it, they find a time capsule that Grace and Cassie buried when Grace is seven.

When Cassie says she'll put it in the sun room for safekeeping, you can see Joy planning to bust it open.

The Tinsdale on Toast is a tuna melt with sauerkraut.

The family tree project that Grace put into the time capsule piques Joy's interest. Cassie knew just how to get her attention.

The finagling now goes from Sam to Martha to Stephanie and even onto Abigail to get the secret ingredient.

The Radford recipe for the chili is very important to Sam, but he'll have to give up his latest prize possession - a signed baseball bat.

Stephanie wants to know how Cassie always knows the right thing to say.

Cassie gets Stephanie's childhood friend to text so that Stephanie understands how to deal with Pressley.

Abigail unintentionally tells Josie that Arthur was in prison.

Joy opens the time capsule to get the Merriwick family tree. It's done in crayon. So cute.

Abigail isn't as worried about Josie coming around as Arthur is.

Sam delivers the Tinsdale on Toast information to Martha, and she gives him the key to his house and her award-winning spice cabinet. There is one rare gem that has been eluding her for years -- the paradise pepper -- the secret ingredient in Sam's recipe.

Joy offers to stir George's chili while he develops a roll of film she's eager to see.

Abigail wonders if Donovan has things that she doesn't know about him. She wonders if he's keeping secrets, and then he realizes that she doesn't know the difference.

The photos are from the time capsule, a fact that doesn't escape Cassie, who urges George to try for the final photo. The others are of Cassie and her mother from her 7th birthday.

Martha has a lot of reasons why she doesn't want to say goodbye to the footbridge, and losing memories is the most significant.

Sam visits with Joy lamenting the loss of his pepper.

There are paradise peppers in the garden.

It's chili cookoff day. All seems right with the world.

Abigail and her dad have time to chat. He's trying to remember that he can put his past behind him while not hiding it.

Arthur asks Josie to marry him right there in the kitchen with Abigail on hand watching.

Tom doesn't know what to do. He wants to get through to her about that bridge.

Martha has found a way around losing the footbridge while still getting a new way across.

George wins the blue ribbon in the chili cookoff and thanks Joy for her help securing him the win.

The last photo is of Cassie and her second cousin, Julia. Welcome to the family, Joy!

Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Chili is so simple, and one, small ingredient can separate the good from the gold.


Sam: My chili's star ingredient won't make it in time for the cookoff.
Adam: Your chili has a star ingredient?
Sam: Yeah; doesn't yours?