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Yay! It's time to revisit the Middleton Curse and the lost treasure!

It's Cassie and Sam's anniversary. He lost track of time being married to her.

Cassie got Sam the original lyrics to Baby I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney signed by him.

Sam wants to wait until tonight to give Cassie her gift.

Martha is looking for a grand bouquet. She's trying to make a statement. Abigail is shocked to hear that Martha bought the Roderick Davenport house. She's using it as the new mayor's mansion, and Abigail suggests she can do it without her flowers.

A new guest named Joy loves what she sees at Grey House. She's in town to get a job that has led her to Middleton.

She has a paper scribbled with information on both Cassie and Abigail that also has the words Grandpa and Lottie and maybe Granddaughters.

Martha visits Sam and Cassie with a special puzzle box that opens to allow the discovered ruby to get inserted, waiting for a ginormous emerald and diamond.

Abigail and Donovan get terrible fortunes -- and they're the same! They'll suffer heartbreak day after day.

Stephanie's new partner, the blogger, named Lisa, wants to make changes that she doesn't.

Joy and Cassie get to know each other a little better, and Cassie realizes they have some things in common.

Martha discovers that she's in a bidding ward with her nemesis, Dotty.

Cassie thinks maybe Lisa has some good ideas that Stephanie should listen to.

Sam asks Adam for gift help.

Abigail shares her misfortune with Cassie, who inspires her to embrace possibilities.

Stephanie and Lisa come to an agreement.

Joy visits Abigail. She double-checks a photo of Abigail on her phone and begins recording a conversation before the talk. She says she's looking for chocolate but doesn't like raspberry (what??). She prefers hazelnut creme.

Sam goes to the jewelry store again. He might be missing the point.

Joy Harper visits Martha, and when Joy tells Martha, there is no e at the end of decor, which causes Martha to start. Joy has piqued her interest. She tries to motivate Martha to win the bidding war with heart and home.

Donovan was at the library looking for Great Expectations. It's the same book that Abigail had that was overdue. Inside is the Davenport crest.

Nick drops by because to study and take his mind off of his girlfriend. On their anniversary.

Donovan and Abigail take the book to Dotty, who is very sarcastic. But she does have some information on Roderick's private library.

Joy is looking at items of Elizabeth Merriwick in the house when George walks in. He doesn't say exactly who he is but offers to answer more questions.

Stephanie has a Monte Cristo hot off the grill. It's not good. And it's soggy.

Adam isn't impressed at all. As the truck's biggest fan, he thinks they have a problem.

Martha is still writing her letter when Dotty walks in and gets sarcastic. She lords her money over Martha, who gets upset.

When Joy walks into Grey House, a book falls out of a nearby bookcase. It seems to be a diary.

She looks so much like Abigail.

Abigail and Cassie chat. Abigail wonders if Joy will ever tell them. When she's ready, Cassie says.

Martha is worried but gets shivers up her spine when Joy says Martha needs to drop the hammer to make it hers.

Lisa doesn't get is. She's using successful techniques that she's blogged about. But it's only been six hours, Lisa protests. There may not be a business left if they wait much longer, Stephanie counters.

Nick can't believe Sam didn't get Cassie's gift yet.

Nick is also working on getting his girlfriend a gift. The advice that Sam gives Nick is the same as he needs himself.

Donovan and Abigail get lost inside the Roderick house. There are even footprints leading to a bookcase. There is one book missing from the Charles Dickens section. When they insert it, a panel opens, and Martha and Joy are inside.

There are secret doors all over the place. When Dotty announces she got the house, the realtor sees a Stratavarious on the shelf. If Martha found it and the room, then the house is hers.

Cassie gives Lisa some advice when she's feeling down and helps her realize that she misses blogging because she's so good at it.

Donovan finds a letter in the large desk. Roderick was writing it to Patience. If the heart completely breaks, the curse is permanent. What heart, Martha wonders? What curse, Joy asks. Martha has a thought. Is it the ruby heart??

Sam tries to get into the lake house. But the combination is wrong. It's exactly like the day they met. They tease each other, and Sam opens the lock.

Lisa wants Stephanie to buy her out. Her blog needs her.

Martha opens the safe in the mayor's office and opens the box. The ruby is cracked! If the ruby cracks all the way, the curse is here to stay!

Joy is listening to her recordings of Cassie and Abigail.

It's time to eat their year-old wedding cake.

Sam has paper lanterns for their paper anniversary. Cassie thinks they're perfect and better than the signed letter. A rendition of every little thing she does is magic plays in the background.


Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Adam: It's Cassie. She's gonna love anything that comes from you.
Sam: I don't want it to be just anything. I want it to be-
Adam: Better than Paul McCartney.
Sam: Better than Paul McCartney.

Adam: Oh, nice.
Sam: As nice as handwritten lyrics signed by Paul McCartney?
Adam: Ooh. Definitely not.
Sam: You call that helpful?