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Cassie, Abigail, and Joy are drinking tea and discussing being a Merriwick including the different energy that goes with being part of the family.

Joy's a little bit nonplussed by their speaking at once and such, but she's excited to be a part of a family again.

Joy and Martha get to work on the Roderick Davenport mansion.

Donovan doesn't have time to go on a trip with Abigail, who doesn't know what song could be theirs that he put on the trip tape.

The girls are going to an estate sale as Joy hopes to find an elusive clock face.

Martha meets with an old friend who really enjoys Martha's stories and has only beautiful things to say to her. She suggests Martha write a book.

Sam checks in on a patient who is playing Yahtzee with Adam. He's supposed to be exercising, but he's playing a board game instead.

George is meeting an old buddy from his squadron and even dug out his cap.

A guy named Wes throws Stephanie for a loop when he says hi at the cafe. It's Steph's ex! I didn't even know she was married. He wants to sell their old cabin.

Adam walks in, and things get awkward.

Joy finds the clock she wants, but it's sold just before she gets there.

Martha is having a photoshoot, and her poses are hilarious. Author photos for the book she hasn't written.

Sam has a patient with carpal tunnel. She's the ex of Darrell, his other patient. She brought in an emotional support dog who brought them together. Awww.

Stephanie looks like walking in high heels on the cafe floor is tricky business.

Adam is there with tingly fingers. Stephanie rubs his hand vigorously to help. He wants to know about the cabin. Maybe they loved the cabin because they were there together.

Joy loves onion rings, too. And the clock guy is there. He's Carter. She's intrigued.

George's old friend named Harry shows up. They're both sporting their caps. They had a lot of hijinks together, but if not for George, Harry wouldn't be alive.

Cassie is worried that Joy is playing games with Carter.

Abigail is still trying to remember her song, and Cassie won't give it up even though she seems to know it.

Adam is worried that he's not worried about Steph and Wes, but Sam assures him that if he's worried that he's not worried, he's still a little worried.

Cassie Merriwicks the dart game, and Joy loses her truck.

George is giving Henry a kidney. At least he wants to if he's a match. He's never even had a cavity.

This must be the medical emergency that James Denton was talking about in his interview!

Stephanie and Wes have a hard time talking about the past. They were just kids and didn't know what they were doing, she says. They both just wanted different things.

Joy's truck is still there with a note attached: You really think I'd take your truck?

Abigail tries to trick Donovan into telling her their song. It doesn't work.

George isn't a match for Henry. Cassie tells him sometimes good things happen just when you think they won't.

Henry just found a match.

Wes is still holding a candle for Stephanie, and she's finding it a little uncomfortable.

Cassie gives Sam his watch. He loves it even if it came engraved from LH.

Donovan's computer screen goes blank, and to fix it, Abigail had to hit F7. Blue Suede Shoes. It's Donovan's dad's favorite song. It brings up lovely memories of family vacations. And it gives him inspiration for his gubernatorial speech.

Abigail gives Donovan a rainstorm.

Sam's gift belongs to the couple he's mending. He returns it to them.

Abigail suggests that Joy changes the way she thinks about things since she's part of a family now.

Joy gives Martha the same advice she got earlier, and in passing along the Merriwick philosophy, Martha gets the good news that Joy is part of the family.

Harry gives George the Purple Heart George got saving Harry.

The night they drove to the beach, they got soaked, and when Donovan said, that came on quick, which is just what he said earlier. It reminded Abigail of their song -- Just The Way You Are.


Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Cassie is a Merriwick, and Merriwicks have a knack for making the impossible possible.


Cassie: The first thing you should know about being a Merriwick-
Abigail: We drink a lot of tea.
Joy: Well, I guess it's a good thing I'm not a coffee drinker.
Abigail: It would be a deal-breaker.