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Tandy notices that all of the power is off. He tries to pour out some of the gas, but notices it is all clumpy.

The gang plays gold bar Jenga. Phil/"Tandy" brings the can of gasoline out and asks Phil what is up with the clumpiness. Phil explains that the gas has gone bad. Phil tries to convince them all that they need to leave Malibu because it's not a long-term sustainable place to live. Carol brings up that maybe he is right because it wouldn't be a good place to raise children. The other women all agree that they just won't have children and will live for the moment, staying in Malibu, to Carol's visible discomfort. Phil decides to go on strike and not fix anything anymore since the group isn't taking his advice.

Tandy tells Carol that he'll take care of fixing up Malibu to make it a more livable place for the group. Carol expresses her sadness that the other women are uninterested in reproducing. Tandy assures her that they'll change their minds.

Todd joins Tandy as he tries to set up solar panels. Todd voices his sadness that Melissa doesn't want to have kids anymore because he thought they were on the same page. They leave to go get food and come back to find a live wire sending off shocks.

Carol tries to convince Melissa to have kids with Todd by showing Melissa a painting rendition of what Melissa's child with Todd would look like. She tries to guilt Melissa by saying that Carol's kid will end up all alone if Melissa refuses to have a child. Melissa firmly tells Carol that it's not happening and that she doesn't want to bring a child into a world with no doctors, full of whale carcasses.

Tandy and Todd try to remedy the live wire situation. Todd suggests that they talk to Phil about the situation, but Tandy refuses to involve him.

Carol tries to convince Erica to reproduce as well, also to no avail.

Tandy covers up the solar panels in an attempt to "starve out" the live wire, which doesn't work.

Carol goes to speak with Gail to convince her to reproduce as well. She interrupts Gail spending "quality time" with her Gordon CPR dummy. Gail tells Carol that the reproduction ship has sailed for her.

Tandy finally gives in and goes to talk to Phil about the live wire situation. Phil blows him off until Tandy finally brings up the issues between them that need addressing. He tells Phil that he's not sure why Carol chose him over Phil, but that Phil needs to learn to deal with it. The rest of the group comes outside, hearing the fight. Phil punches Tandy in the face.

The group intervenes and pulls Phil off of Tandy. They confront Phil and try to figure out how to punish him for the crime of attacking Tandy. They sentence him to two days in the stocks. Phil refuses to accept the punishment and points out that after everything he's done for the group, he shouldn't be punished for what he should have done a long time ago (punching Tandy).

Carol sits in her room, looking at a list of pros and cons related to having a baby. The list of cons is much longer, and the list of pros only has one item: "It's a baby."

The group stands outside looking at the live wire and trying to figure out what to do. Phil comes outside and simply switches off the solar panel, stopping the live wire. He tells the group that he's thought about his actions and has decided that he's leaving Malibu permanently.

The group watches as Phil packs up his car and prepares to leave. Just before he leaves, Phil gives a romantic speech to Carol, apologizing to her for hurting her and declaring his love. He asks her to come away with him. Before Carol can respond, Erica interrupts by announcing that she is pregnant, holding up a positive pregnancy test.

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Phil: Phil's not the only one around here with skills to pay the bills.
Carol: You're gonna pay the bills with your skill-set?
Phil: I'm gonna try!

I thought he was gonna take his pants off...