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Phil is still in his wooden stock. He begs for water and Melissa finally brings him a glass, but doesn't help him drink it. Phil 2 comes outside and threatens Phil with a gun. Carol runs outside to see what's going on but Phil 2 reassures her that it's just "boys being boys."

Carol gathers the others around Phil's stockade and tries to convince them that he's had enough of his punishment. Phil 2 suggests a week of solitary confinement, but in an effort to show that he's changed Phil convinces them to start calling him Tandy again and to confine him for five weeks instead of one.

Carol tries to visit Phil, but he convinces her that he wants to accept the punishment for his crime. He convinces her to enjoy the next five weeks while he is in solitary.

Melissa, Todd and Carol have lunch together and Carol mentions how glad she is to be eating non-canned food. They discuss how now that everything is expiring, the cow will be their main source of food soon and they need to keep her happy. They also mention that they put a shock collar on the cow to keep her in the perimeter. Todd goes off to get the women more wine and Melissa mentions that Todd has been acting oddly lately -- cold and distant. Carol reassures her, and they eat cheese together.

Todd oversees them eating cheese and sneaks out of his solitary confinement that night to eat the delicious cheese, as Melissa reads a book on the nearby couch. He gorges himself on the cheese while simultaneously trying to convince himself that the cheese isn't worth losing the group over. He puts the cheese down and tries to sneak back into his solitary confinement room but Melissa overhears and announces calmly that Tandy is out.

Carol tries to convince the other that Phil just had a minor slip up. They disagree and put the shock collar on him instead, forcing him to stay within an outdoor perimeter with the cow. Phil gladly accepts the punishment, cheerfully agreeing to it and complimenting them on their great punishment.

That night, as Phil sleeps, Todd sneaks out, knocking into one of the tiki torches. The next morning Gail and Erica go to the pool and Phil incessantly shouts compliments at them. Melissa expresses that they need to add total silence to the punishment. Phil gathers the group and tells them that in accordance with their request for him to be silent, he's had Carol pick him up a voice-activated collar that will cause a spray to his face whenever he makes a sound.

Phil entertains himself on the fifth day of his punishment. Carol visits him and he complains about how hard it is for him and how he isn't even getting acknowledgment from the group about how hard it is for him. Carol confirms that the group isn't even talking about him, but says that she'll always keep trying to get through to them on his behalf.

Melissa brings Phil a bucket of beers but leaves it just out of his reach beyond the perimeter, to torment him. He tries to get it with his feet, but ends up getting shocked anyway.

The next morning, he throws potted plants to get the group's attention. Everyone gets angry at him for breaking the potted plants. Since he can't speak with the collar on, he uses charades to communicate that he hates the collar and thinks that because it was his idea he should be able to take it off whenever he wants to. Everyone disagrees with him. They tell him that if he is acting like an animal he'll be treated like one, and that the collar is about trust. Phil 2 ends up sticking Phil in the "dog house" and locking him in.

Phil is still locked in the "dog house" that night when he notices that there is a fire. He braves the shock and spray collars to shout to the group to warn them and to escape the perimeter to put out the fire. He successfully puts out the fire and makes it back to the perimeter. He sees that the fire came from the tiki torch. He tries to get the shed upright in order to go back into it.

The next morning, the group sees that there was a fire and wonders who put it out. Carol suggests that she knows who it was. They let Phil out where he uses charades to have Carol relate how he put the fire out and climbed back into the shed. Carol announces that she thinks this proves that he's done his time. The group begrudgingly agrees and Phil 2 removes the collar. Phil explodes with apologies and gratitude but the group ignores his expostulations and walks away.

Later that night, Todd sneaks out and goes to another house. As he walks in he says "Daddy's home."

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

You think it's going overboard? 'Cuz I think it's staying on the ship. One week of solitary confinement? For what I did? Well I say how about two? Or three? Or four? Do I hear five? Yeah, you do, from the man in the stockade. Sold! Five it is.


Gonna need a change of pants. Maybe some underwear, too. And some shoes. For sure.