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The group heads up the California coast to San Francisco.

Todd discovers Gail packed Gordon and is upset. Gail reminds him he has another girlfriend and hasn't exactly been available lately. Meanwhile Melissa is running. Not just to stretch her legs but because she wants to be prepared for whatever is out there.

At dinner, Lewis tells everyone he's gay. Tandy is excited they have a gay population. Good thing they're heading to San Fran!

Upon arrival, they see the city has been destroyed by a fire. Tandy suggests it was of natural causes but a flashback shows us he lit all of the fireworks off in a factory before he left. Melissa likes it burned but everyone else thinks they need to find somewhere new to go.

They pile back into the cars -- Tandy and Lewis, Gail, Todd and Melissa, and Carol and Erica. Everyone's on edge.

Carol and Erica are fighting over the air conditioning. Carol wants AC, Erica doesn't. Erica ends up blasting the Ac in Carol's face which eventually makes the car overheat.

The groups splits up into the two remaining cars and everyone's so annoyed with Tandy that he ends up alone in the prison bus. Just as they're expressing how happy they are to be away from him, the van won't start. Cut to everyone in the prison bus as Tandy starts singing the Partridge Family's 12 Days of Christmas.

Things go from bad to worse as the bus runs out of gas. Now they have to walk. They come across a patio furniture store and settle in to come up with a plan. Todd wants to go to Tampa. Erica wants Vancouver. Carol wants Dollywood. Lewis wants Portland. Tandy wants Montana.

Gail is straight up tired of it all. She's ready to go it alone. Tandy wants to make a speech but she stops him. "We're not a family. We're all just a bunch of people who happened to meet at the end of the world."

Todd tries to stop her but get distracted when Melissa climbs up on what looks like a large haystack. She spots a bright light in the distance -- a strangely lit up office building.

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

We have a gay population!


Tandy, I usually have your back but today you've been a real pain in the front.

Carol Pilbasian