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The episode starts in the cemetery with Tandy and Todd. They are vomiting as they watch Karl eat a person who is buried there. 

Todd and Tandy run away, but Karl sees them.

Todd and Tandy go back to the house to tell the rest of the gang what they saw. The group doesn't believe them. Carol says there has to be a logical explanation for what Karl was doing. Erica asks if Karl was playing a trick on them. Todd and Tandy leave to look out the window for Karl coming home. 

They see Karl returning home. Todd and Tandy grab materials from the house that they could use to "hurt" Karl if necessary. The women walk into the foyer area to wait for Karl to enter the house. Gail says it's a good show for them to watch. Karl walks in and Tandy and Todd try to be cool. Tandy asks him about the weather. They're both acting weird towards Karl. 

Karl tells them he was at a graveyard because he was stressed and needed to recenter himself. Tandy asks what he would say if he knew him and Todd were there too. Karl asks what they saw. Tandy says it was something rather alarming and that it looked like he was eating a cadaver.

Karl decides to tell the group that he is in fact a cannibal. The group is horrified. He tells them to get some sleep and that they can pick it up in the morning so they have time to formulate questions for him. He tells them to lock their doors. 

The group knocks on Karl's door. Melissa is holding a shotgun to threaten him. Tandy says the group wants to talk now instead of in the morning. They put him in a straight jacket, and Carol brings him water with a straw so he can drink in. She lifts the glass up to his lips so he can drink it. He yells and moves at her, which causes Carol to jump and the group to scream. He tells them to keep a 5 foot radius so they stay out of the lunge zone. 

Carol starts the conversation by asking if he wants to kill them. He says that's why he came back here. He does want to kill them, but he wanted them to know he wanted to kill them before he did. He says he's not as strong as he hoped he would be. He says he desperately doesn't want kill them. Todd asks if he will kill them anyway. Karl shrugs. 

The gang exits the room to talk in private. Melissa says they need to kill him. The rest of the group disagrees. Todd says they need to take him back to the grave and make him eat the corpse in one sitting. Tandy says they need to drive him out to the desert and just drive away when he gets out of the car. Erica says she has a solution. 

The next day, Todd and Tandy take Karl back to the prison. Karl wants to finish his story before they send him back into the prison. Karl goes back into the prison gates, and Todd and Tandy chain it up. 

Back at the house, Todd and Tandy tell Melissa it went well. Melissa says she is going to the store. Todd offers to drive her, but she says it will be a quick trip. 

Melissa goes to meet up with Jasper. She asks if he's coming back anytime soon because Todd misses him. Jasper doesn't say anything. She says she will see him tomorrow. 

Todd goes out to look for Jasper. He drives by the prison and notices that the gate is open. 

Todd goes back home to let the group know that Karl escaped prison. Melissa starts to run out. They ask where she is going and she says she is going to get Jasper. Melissa tells them that she knows where Jasper is and she needs to go get him. Todd wants to talk about why she lied to them.

The group hears music coming from another room in the house. They go to the room with the piano and find Karl playing it. Karl says he got out quickly because he knew he wanted to get back to them. He says he's just going to keep coming back and that they know what they need to do. 

The group stands around a hand gun and tries to decide who is going to shoot him. Everyone looks at Melissa since she originally suggested it, but she says she doesn't want to do it. They draw straws. Carol draws the short straw. She goes outside because she is distraught about possibly killing him.

Tandy goes to check on Carol. She is sad, but Tandy says he won't let her do it. He will do it for her. He shows her a shorter straw and says she didn't draw the short straw. He makes sure she knows he cut his straw down to help her. She thanks him and he says it will be hard for him then he goes inside. 

Tandy stands with the gun when Karl comes in and asks if he's ready. Tandy says he created a little death area for him. There's a coffin on the ground and he asks Karl to stand in it. Karl says the coffin is an interesting choice.

Tandy says the group wanted to be there for his execution but didn't really want to be there. Karl tells him to say goodbye for him. Tandy yells to the group that Karl says goodbye. They all yell "Goodbye!" from the other room.

Tandy says he doesn't want to do this so he's chosen a themed execution. The theme is the musical Hamilton. Tandy says he will be Hamilton and Karl will be Aaron "Berg." Tandy says he will walk 10 paces and then he will shoot him. Karl asks if it's okay for him to keep playing with the Rubik's cube to keep his mind off of it. Tandy says yes. 

Tandy takes a practice shot and Carol asks if it's over from the other room. Tandy has Karl stand in the coffin and begins taking his 10 paces. Karl says he is almost finished with the cube. When Tandy reaches his 10th step, Karl finishes it. Before Tandy can turn around to shoot him, Karl blows up from the bomb in the Rubik's cube. Carol asks if he killed him, and Tandy says "he gone."

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Uhhhh. He gone.


So, you thinking of coming back anytime soon? You know there’s no pressure on my end, but Todd misses you and I don’t think I can hold him off forever.

Melissa (to Jasper)