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When a rescue call is received from Jamaica, Chandler and Tex respond only to end up stranded at sea. 

A lone survivor of 50 earlier passengers is floating at sea. If she's still alive, she could be naturally immune. They must get to her. The Russian ship overhears the exchange and plans on intercepting. The infected scientist, who has experimented on himself in the past, needs Rachel.

Rachel has discovered that there is a human gene inside the virus.

When the team gets to the boat, the Russians are there to greet them. Chandler and Tex try to create a diversion so they can get the girl back to the Nathan James and their boat sinks in the process.

Quincy is brought in to help understand what the Russians are saying, but he wants to make sure Roskov dies.

Chandler tells the Nathan James to ride off and leave them to die. Tex assures Chandler his men need him, but Chandler disagrees. They decide to start swimming to the nearest reef.

Quincy's family is still being entertained by the Russian commander.

Tex admits to Chandler the only reason he hit the water was to try to impress Rachel.

Chandler is rescued, but it's not by the Nathan James.

The Last Ship
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