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Kara convinces Tom to call President Jeffrey Michener in St. Louis. She wants soldiers to return to Asia and save the eight missing members of the captain's former ship, the Nathan James.

The missing crew members are forced to walk through a heavily guarded Asian forest. They're concerned about their captain, Mike Slattery, who was separated from them.

Tom tells Jeffrey that there aren't any concrete leads on where the missing crew is, but believes China’s President Peng is involved. The CO tells the American Commander-in-Chief that he wants to personally look for the crew. So Jeffrey reluctantly agrees to allow him to investigate.

Jessie tells Sasha that as soon as she finishes her part in their mission, she'll be leaving. Sasha objects to Jessie's plan, as she's needed in their rescue mission.

Sasha then questions Tom's decision to lead the mission to locate the missing members. The CO questions why she would challenge him in front of the remainder of his crew on the Nathan James.

Mike tries to fight back against his captors, but he's tied down so he can't resist them. They take his blood through an IV, and infuse it into one of their leaders.

During a press conference, a reporter questions Jeffrey on why Tom's really in China. The reporter reveals he's heard the CO isn't just distributing the cure, and believes Peng is trying to convince the U.S. to choose sides. The American insists that Tom isn't trying to prevent a war.

Tom, Sasha and Daniel travel through an Asian Dodge City in order to find more information about the location of Mike and the rest of the crew. But the trio is outnumbered by MSS.

The Last Ship
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