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Takehaya, who's a former officer of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, reveals he's the pirate who's in charge of the kidnapping of Capt. Mike Slattery and his crew, and he has already executed a crew member. Takehaya demands that the two U.S. ships that are in his port to turn around. If the U.S. doesn't comply, another sailor will be executed.

Tom, Sasha and their team determine where Mike and his crew members may be being held hostage through the coordinates they noted a the video Takehaya release.

Tom and his team discover Chinese destroyers in the port where they plan to obtain more fuel for the Nathan James. So Tom has Jesse fly him to President Peng's mansion, so he can obtain more fuel.

Kara meets with White House reporter Jacob Barnes and tries to soothe his concerns about the kidnapping. But the reporter reminds her that he's the one who knows what it's like living in post-virus America.

Mike asks Takehaya why he's taking his blood, to which the pirate responds that he doesn't have any of the U.S. cure left. He reveals that receiving a transfusion from a cured person erases the symptoms of the virus. But he requires continuous transfusion in order to remain healthy. Mike offers to help him obtain a new cure, but Takehaya tells him his word means nothing.

After Tom and his crew successfully break into into President Peng's mansion, the American Captain tells the Chinese president that if he doesn't give him the fuel they need, Chief Petty Officer Wolf "Wolf-Man" Taylor will kill him.

President Peng admits that he wanted Tom dead, but they now have a common enemy in Takehaya. Tom's team narrow down the area where the captives are being held, with additional information President Peng provided them.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Mike: What's with all the blood, anyway? Is the cure not good enough for you?
Takehaya: There is no cure. We are wiped out.
Mike: That doesn't make any sense..

We're going to break into the headquarters of the Chinese president.