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The injured Slattery stumbles through the Sardinian town where the seed exchange was to have taken place. The crew of the Nathan James has learned that Tom has joined the away teams. Vellek berates his children, Giorgio and Lucia, for letting Tom get the seeds. He send Giorgio to find the seeds and Lucia to locate the Nathan James. Omar agrees to help find the seeds if Giorgio pays him double. Sunshine's chopper gets fired on at the first rally point and bugs out. Slattery stumbles into a home to hide, then passes out. The woman who lives there treats his wound and gives him a cup of the hallucinogenic nostos tea. Omar knocks on the door and a hallucinating Slattery slips out the back. Under the nostos' influence, he remembers his dead family. The James crew discovers a Greek warship is looking for their ship. Omar kills the woman sheltering Slattery, and they now know he's hurt. Tom, Sasha and Fletcher soon find that house and figure out the same thing. Vellek and his other son, Heggen, are involved in some kind of botanical experiment that they need the seeds for. Slattery uses a piece of broken glass to signal the Nathan James from atop a cathedral. Giorgio shots Omar in the back. The Greek ship aims to shoot down the chopper, but Sunshine eludes them temporarily. When he reappears, the Greek ship launches a missile and the James shoots it down, betraying its position. The away team reaches Slattery. The Nulka countermeasure creates a ghost image of the James, which the Greek ship fires at while the James moves. This allows the chopper to rescue the away team from the cathedral rooftop. Heggen suggests finding an option other than military to get the seeds back. The crew doesn't know how to react to Tom's return.   . 

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

You two are the butt of the biggest con since Ulysses jumped out of a wooden horse. Tom Chandler on my yacht, in my house, and you two let it happen.

Vellek [to Giorgio and Lucia]

This is an honor, Captain Tom.

Azima [to Tom]