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Vellek has completed his miracle food. The leaders of the Nathan James and the Greek Navy are trying to locate each other. Rather than engaging the Nathan James, Lucia orders Stavros to get the seeds to Malta first. Tom and Slattery propose taking out the Greek ships one at a time, with Vulture Team slipping on board the laboratory ship to retrieve the seeds. Master Chief Jeter has been taken off active duty because of his punctured lung. Stravros is letting the James hear his ships' prop noise, to lure it in. But Tom knows it's a trap. Sunshine's chopper engages the Greeks, proving that Vellek is on a fourth ship, not on any of the three they've discovered. Meylan suggests having some of Vulture Team take over one of the abandoned fishing vessels and making the Greeks believe it's the James by using commercial radar for a short burst, to pull them away from Vellek's ship. Jeter comes onto the bridge, and Kara lets him stay. Vellek is going through withdrawal, because he doesn't have any of the nostos that lets him see Christos. Only one ship approaches the fishing boat, because the other two have peeled off to hunt for the James. Danny, Wolf and Azima deposit an explosive buoy under the Greek ship and sink it. Wolf is injured. Lucia explains to Giorgio that Vellek's plan is to spread the nostos-infected plants around the world. Lucia starts firing missiles at civilian ships to draw out the James. Tom uses torpedoes to take out the hidden second ship. The chopper gets shot down, with only Nolan surviving. But the James hits the third warship. Lucia survives, but Giorgio is dead. Nolan gets rescued. They have lost track of Vellek's ship. 

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Danny: Another day, another mission.
Burk: The same day, another mission.
Miller: Hey, saving the world is a full-time job.

Rarely are sons the same as their fathers. Usually they're worse. This is your last chance. Don't muck it up.

Vellek [to Giorgio]