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In the San Diego Emergency Shelter, President Oliver and Sasha speaks with civilians, and offers them words of encouragement. Tom realizes that the civilians blame him and his fellow officers for the state of the government.

Tom, President Oliver, Mike, Sasha, Tex, Kara and Joseph decide to attack the regional leaders. Kara insists that they also stop Allison.

Sasha and Kara target Allison in St. Louis, while Tex and Joseph target Rebecca in Texarkana. Danny targets Wilson in Des Moines, while Mike and Wolf target Croft in New York City.

Allison targets the Nathan James with another missile, which Kara is able to stop. Sasha tells the Nathan James that the White House is secure.

Allison holds Tom's children hostage on her plane. When Allison calls Tom, he tells her he will kill her if she hurts them. But she's willing to release them if he takes their place.

Kara escorts the children to safety. Allison then tells Tom she's been taking control of the government because she watched her family become infected with the virus, and no one helped them.

Tex encourages Tom not to shoot Allison, before Tex dies from his injuries. Allison surrenders, but warns Tom that someone else will take her place, right before he shoots her.

On the Nathan James, Tom expresses regret over killing Allison. He admits to Mike that the country's citizens need someone to guide them back to their core values, but it can't be him.

Danny finally meets his son, Frankie, aboard the ship, as Sasha tries to convince Tom not to walk away from the crew.

President Oliver makes another speech to the country, and apologizes for not doing his job. He asks the country to fight with him again, as Tom leaves the Nathan James for the last time.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Those Marines didn't know what they were doing. They were fooled, just like us.

President Oliver

It seems like every time we put the country back together, it falls apart again.