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Tavo has those he considers traitors killed, in front of his son. Conchita gets her fortune told. Lima Team is going to be dropped into Cuba to make contact with a rebel contingent of an unknown size led by El Guyo. They are bringing a weapons cache for the rebels. The President and Gen. DuFine are hesitant about the mission, but Admiral Chandler wants to use Cuba as a staging area for an invasion further south. Tavo is being interviewed by a New York Times reporter, Nina Garside. Slattery assigns Clayton to reprogram the electric grid on the Nathan James. Kelsey tries stealing a hot dog but gets hit by a car. She goes to her sister's house to hide and recuperate. Elli urges Kelsey to turn herself in and make a deal. Tavo and Hector disagree over strategy. A missile hits the transport plane, with Tom still aboard. Six of Lima Team are missing and presumed KIA. The team goes to find the missing weapons drop near Havana. Tom has landed, but he's injured. He cauterizes his wound with a heated rock. It was the Iowa-class ship that the James fought earlier that shot down the plane. Tavo is executing Hector's troops to show him who is boss. Lima Team finds the weapons cache hanging off the roof of a bar. Tom goes looking for El Guyo. Fuentes is El Guyo. The warship vansihes. Lima Team gets discovered by a handful of drunken Cuban soldiers, who call for help. They're trapped, then they hear shooting and Tom's voice. Hector caved to Tavo, overseeing executions himself. Tavo texts Kelsey, which allows Clayton to get a fix on her location. 

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Trust in anything coming out of Gustavo's camp is in short supply.


Our team is dropping in with a two-ton gift of small arms and light weapons. Whatever their size, I promise you that militia will be well outfitted.

Slattery [to President Reiss]