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After a jump ahead three months, Cobra Team storms into a rum cellar in Jamaica, but Danny can't reach Vulture Team. Forty-eight hours earlier, it's announced at a press conference that Tom Chandler has returned to work at Command. The Nathan James is still in drydock. For the commandos led by Tom, the target in Jamaica is Dr. Manuel Montano, Gustavo's chief war strategist. They capture Montano, but he gets shot. Jeter, the Burk brothers, and Miller attend a war-bonds fundraiser at a Southern plantation house. Wolf has recovered from his mine injury. Montano grabs Danny's gun, they struggle and Burk gets grazed by a bullet. At the war-bonds party, Miller talks with Courtney Abbot about the people they lost to the plague. In the rum cellar, Miller adopts a mouse. Tom questions Montano. Montano doesn't support Gustavo but rather is running from him. He said that Tavo has become paranoid as his power increased. The commandos are pinned down by Tavo's forces and can't be extracted. Supplies are dropped for them, behind enemy lines, and Miller and Wolf go after them. Sam has adopted Jerome as his last name, so no one would know he's Tom's son. Wolf and Miller are overdue. Montano said Tom is haunted by war. Montano gives Tom a flash drive and tells him to end the war quickly. Tavo's team catches up to the commandos before they can leave for their extraction point. Tom and Ashley get into a huge argument. Montano dies, then the commandos escape out a window. Tavo's forces have taken over Jamaica. Montano's intel shows a rebel force in Cuba. Tom suggests reinforcing them and retaking Cuba as a staging ground. Miller goes back to see Courtney. Ashley and Tom make up. 

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Now I can't promise that the fight won't be hard, and I can't say it will end anytime soon. But I can say with absolute certainty we will prevail.


If Gustavo didn't come here for us, he came to invade. Which means he brought an army.