The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Orange Sticker

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It was another stunning week in Jarden, Texas.

On The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 4 the mystery continues to build, and the biggest seems to be whether or not there is a supernatural explanation for the goings on in Jarden. The evidence is certainly piling up.

Evie Murphy and her friends are still missing without a trace, Kevin was saved from a sudden death at the bottom of a pond that was inexplicably drained and Matt finally tells Nora that of which the town does not want him to speak: Mary came alive their first night there, and he's just waiting for the miracle to occur once again.

John and Kevin - The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 4

The Miracle quake happening at the same time Kevin was gone really set Nora off. She was already quite certain they were in the middle of another Sudden Departure when she saw the leashed dog running by, and her world started spinning. It was heart wrenching watching her wake up and try to plug in to discover news about the latest missing people. 

Her conversation with Jill regarding the secondary departures was quite interesting, and for a moment, it seemed as if she had finally realized the Sudden Departure was a one time event. But handcuffing herself to Kevin so she never had to wake up alone again was an indication she's not quite sure it's a thing of the past.

It's hard to imagine the hell Matt has been through, having Mary wake up and talk for hours only to drift off into her stupor again. He must not be allowed to talk about it because it would be a draw for even more people to come to Miracle, something they really don't want to happen. What those people did at the pond during a freakin' manhunt for lost children was enough to understand the need for all of the pageantry and gates. A minister speaking of possibilities would never be allowed.

While everyone was out hunting for the girls, Jill and Michael had some time to bond. He's particularly interesting because of his deep religious convictions and belief Evie is with God. Jill seems to take comfort in him and that strength is a particular draw. But they're also both lonely, and she's been through a loss the likes of which he is experiencing for the first time.

The tiny Texas town thought they wouldn't suffer the same fate as the rest of the world, but sudden departures have always been around. People suffer them everyday, their loved ones disappearing never to be seen again. Just because it's not on a global scale doesn't mean it's any less traumatic, and the town is going to be changed forever by this disappearance no matter the cause.

Erika knows change is coming, and she's been feeling it ever since she checked on that bird in the box. The way she described Evie and the reaction of Jarden to the girls' loss was compelling and heartbreaking. There is something about these two families that is going to tie them together, you can just feel it.

There were no clues about the girls' fate, and despite Kevin's hand print being on the side window of Evie's car, John believed it belonged to someone else. Thank goodness for that, but do we now believe what Patti had to say about Kevin committing suicide? And did she really see the girls just disappear?

Is Patti just a part of Kevin's psyche, an extension of himself, or is she something else completely? At times she seems to point out to Kevin the things that he needs to get off of his mind, perhaps that he won't admit to himself. At others, she has pithy comments about nothing, yet other times she's revealing bits of her life which could very well have come to Kevin courtesy of Laurie since she was Patti's shrink.

Now that Patti has been acknowledged, will she be gone? And did the dude in the watchtower see Kevin's "friend" or was he merely referring to whomever Kevin might have been talking?

Justin Theroux did an amazing job during the suicide reveal, and I'm shocked it never occurred to me Kevin would have tied a cinder block to his foot and jumped into the pond. Unless it was a round about way to rid himself of Patti without even realizing it. He just didn't seem suicidal. He was a little off his rocker at times, sure, but more anxious than anything else. And for that quake to hit at that exact moment, drain the pond and save his life? What are odds?

And what was the light at the same time as the quake? Where are the girls? Is it really as simple as all that or is it more sinister? Is is my cynical side that sees something darker at work, something that ties into payback for the people of the town keeping the miracles of Jarden to themselves? 

Hit the comments to chat about "Orange Sticker." Coming up on The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 5 something happens to Matt and Mary that keeps them from regaining entry into Jarden. Whatever is going on promises to be riveting!

Orange Sticker Review

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I know exactly where your phone is. I know exactly what happened to those girls, too. All you have to do is ask.


Nora: Are you OK?
Ericka: Evie didn't come home last night. She was out with her friends, and they're gone too.
Nora: Gone?

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