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A submarine. A fellow gets naked, steals a key and runs naked down the corridor with others chasing him. 

He locks himself inside a control room, inserts a key on either side, and using his foot and hand, stretches across the room so that he can detonate a nuke. 

That must be what caused the massive explosion from the previous episode.

It's on the news when Matt delivers a casserole to an ill woman. All flights are grounded because of the explosion in the South Pacific, but this fellow has a pilot's license and can fly a cargo plane to Australia. They are exempt.

Matt has $20k cash. He needs to go get Kevin. It's a rescue mission, a mission of faith.

Laurie shows up with John and his boy. Matt is not pleased about that. The two get into a row. Does he recall how three years ago Kevin had a breakdown and Matt turned it into scripture? 

The flight cannot land in Melbourne and the ferry from Tasmania to Melbourne is booked for a private event. Frasier the lion. Matt has to tell a dirty joke. He gets the group on board.

Matt is trying to get a flight for the way back, but John intervenes. There is little chance they're going to be back in Miracle by the 14th. They'd best accept whatever happens will happen in Australia.

Matt's nose continues to bleed. This time, profusely.

In the bathroom, someone asks Matt if God hit him in the face. Matt is concerned. Then he discovers the man who brushed past them and onto the boat calls himself God. Matt confronts him. It's the man who met with Kevin in the afterlife, who whispered into his ear on the bridge. He hands Matt a card. Yes, I am God.

Michael appeals to Matt to tell Laurie he's sick. John kept everything inside when he was with Michael's mom. Then he got together with Laurie and she helped him. Maybe she's a disciple, too.

Frasier the lion was an old lion in the 70s who was rescued and taken to a lion park where he mated with barren lioness' the night he arrived and eventually fathered 35 cubs. The lion pride on the boat is taking him around the world to further his line.

Laurie wants to let Kevin believe his story. It might be the best way. She mentions Evie. It's new to Matt. But he still believes everything Kevin saw was real. She asks to buy him a drink. No, he just wants a moment alone.

Matt throws up into the water. Listening to Laurie's story was nothing in comparison to seeing God on the deck above brutally toss a man overboard. 

Matt runs into the orgy screaming that there is a man in the water. He jumps in himself, with a life ring thing. There is no manifest to check against the passengers. But the man calling himself God is David Burton. He was a broadcaster in the Sydney Games. 

How did he go from being a sports announcer to being Yawe? It was after he died. He fell rock climbing and died. His friends put him inside a cave, sealed it with a rock and when they got back, David was sitting outside and said he was fine. He said he was God.

Nobody believes what Matt saw. He asks John, you believe me, right? Yeah, sure. Like when you believed I molested my comatose wife? 

Matt asks Pride Lady about her manifest. Angrily, he says all she cares about is fucking and Frasier. He spoke his name!! Matt is taken, roped around the neck and tied to a chair. Matt was about to be raped, his seed put into a ceremonial cup. He got free, told the group to be ashamed and saw David Burton outside. 

His attempt to accost David lead to Matt getting a debilitating punch in the gut. One of the Lioness' tells Matt they're not all like the others. When they dock, stay on the boat until he's safe.

Matt wants to make Yawe reap what he soweth.

During that conversation, Matt suggests John's peace is only because he thinks his daughter is still alive. 

Matt apologizes. He will take them up on the bed he was offered in the infirmary. Get some sleep. He goes to the infirmary, gets a wheelchair and takes an ax off the wall. 

He whacks David Burton on the head with the ax, tosses his Louis Lamour book over the side and wheels him before the lion cage. 

Matt begins the conversation by being sarcastic. David knows he will untie him when he gets what he wants. He begins by admitting he threw the man overboard. When Matt wonders why Jesus gets no mention on his card, why he's denying his son, David says Jesus had an identical twin brother. Thus the confusion.

David admits he is the cause of the Sudden Departure. Through a series of whys, he gets Matt to reconsider his life and to believe. He promises to save Matt again. Untie me.

He snapped his fingers and said, ta da, you're saved.

A body is found in the water. Kevin no longer believes. He has no pressing business in Melbourne. He can go to the police and make a statement. After he agrees to that, he sees the brunette lioness letting Frasier go.

The police are there for David. David makes a run for it. Frasier makes a beeline for him. Shots are fired. Matt no longer has business at the police office. 

The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Matt: What's the difference between a pimple and a priest? A pimple waits until you're 12 to come on your face.
Pride Lady: Right you are then.

Oh, it's me again. I don't know if you're getting my messages, but there's been a nuclear incident in the South Pacific. I've secured transportation. I'm coming to get you, Kevin.

Matt [leaving a phone message]