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Russian grave robbers are searching for a mystical artifact, Kosche's Needle, finding one part in a grave of Nicole Noone. No one can find Eve. Nicole infiltrates an English mortuary. Eve tracks her there, and they scuffle. Eve tries to convince Nicole to return to the Library. The robbers are there seeking Nicole's urn. The two Guardians conquer the robbers, but start arguing, during which time the robbers escape with another Needle part. Nicole grudgingly allows Eve to help her find the robbers. Ezekiel hacks Eve's laptop and they figure out she's tracking Nicole. Flynn and Jenkins go after her, leaving the other three to guard the Library. Nicole and Jenkins address the down side of being immortal with Eve and Flynn. Nicole locks Eve in an Italian crypt. She escapes and catches up with Nicole on a plane to Kiev. Eve and Nicole climb a sheer rock face in a Ukrainian forest, only to meet up with Jenkins and Flynn. They argue, until they're attacked by Ukrainian military. Eve and Jenkins get captured by the robbers. The head of the robbers claims to be a descendent of the Romanovs. He says Nicole and Rasputin teamed up to find the Needle. Meanwhile, Flynn and Nicole search for the Needle. They find its chest, but before they can open it, Jenkins, Eve and the robbers catch up to them. Nicole clams the leader is Rasputin, and she wanted the Needle to kill him. Rasputin grabs the Needle and stabs Nicole, and her energy restores him to his natural state. Jenkins takes Nicole back to the Library, while Flynn and Eve stay behind to battle Rasputin. Eve tricks him into stabbing a radioactive pipe, and the energy kills him. Jenkins transfers his immortality into Nicole to save her. Flynn resigns from the Library. 

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The Librarians Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

I was kept a prisoner for 100 years. Sorry I wasn't excited to go running back.

Nicole [to Eve]

I'm taking Eve bowling. I've been polishing my balls all week. ... Scratch that. That didn't come out right.

Flynn [to Jenkins]