Working Man - The Magicians
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Quentin's back in the real world. When he uses magic at his new office, Emily Greenstreet sees him, and wants to have lunch. The two talk about all the reasons they've left magic behind. Quentin's having a hard time adjusting to the real world so she suggests more alcohol. The more they drink, the more tempting magic becomes. She tells him they can have a cheat day. When she invites him back to her place, she teaches him a spell that involves a shower.

When Quentin steps out of the shower, he's been transformed into Professor Mayakovsky. Emily had an affair with him and it's part of the reason he was banished from Brakebills. She just wants to cuddle with him. When it's her turn, Emily steps out of the shower as Alice. Quentin is momentarily overwhelmed as he tells her how much he misses her. Quentin and Emily have sex while she's Alice. In the morning, Quentin feels worse. He sends an email to Alice's parents to tell them about her death. As he's walking, he catches a glimpse of a battered Alice, and she mouths the word "help" to him. He's nearly run over by a bus as he tries to get to her, but she disappears.

Penny is with the real Mayakovsky at Brakebills South. He wants help fixing his hands. The professor gives him random tasks first, including taking apart a giant stack of knotted rope, and turning a table into sawdust. Then, he sends him back to Fillory to collect moss. Penny demands to know why he's doing this. Mayakovsky explains that magic is in trouble. He's using the energy from the objects to store magic. He also tells him that he cannot leave due to his punishment after getting caught sleeping with students. Mayakovsky tries to get Penny to consider walking away from magic while he still can.

Julia discovers she's pregnant. Kady tells her there's not a safe magical spell for an abortion. Julia goes to a doctor, who suspects she's been abused. She agrees to perform the procedure the next day. Kady admits she had one in the past and promises to be there for Julia. But when they get to the office, the receptionist deletes Julia's information. The doctor agrees to see her anyway. But as she tries to perform the abortion, something takes over her, and she ends up killing herself. Kady assures Julia they'll find another way.

In Fillory, Fen is also pregnant. Eliot's having a hard time dealing with it, but ends up with bigger problems when someone tries to murder him. Baylor claims to be a member of the Foo Fighters, an organization determined to get rid of Earth's children so a Fillorian can sit on the throne. Despite the agreement he made with Margo, Eliot spares Baylor's life. Margo worries it'll end up costing him his own. Fen goes to see Baylor. She was also part of the Foo Fighters, but now she wants to stay with Eliot. Baylor and Fen threaten one another. 

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I am happy. Yay. A baby.


Quentin: Is everybody out here really so lifeless?
Emily: Yes, we are. We are. That's why we drink.
Quentin: Well I drank just fine as a magician.
Emily: Yeah because your world was so overwhelming and scary and you needed a break from it all. Now you're going to drink because each day is so goddamn dull and that takes a lot more booze.