Good Morning - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 Episode 6
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Lenny Bruce wakes up in a child's bedroom.

A child runs up and down the hallway. Lenny gets to the kitchen, greeted by Abe and Rose, offering him breakfast.

He asks who they are. Abe reminds him that they were in jail together. Rose informs Lenny that the kids think he was in their room because he had a tummy ache and ate too many cookies, and if he could please stick to that story.

A children's song starts playing. Lenny is perplexed and asks where the rest of his things are. Midge appears, and he recognizes her. She offers him coffee.

He spots the Hudson River outside and figures he is on the Upper West Side. Midge says she is toilet-training her daughter, hence the song playing -- her reward for doing well.

Lenny takes Midge aside and asks how he got here. She says she found him face down on the pavement on her way home from the club, and when he couldn't give her an answer about where he was staying, she brought him back here.

He asks about his jacket, wallet, and watch. With Lenny's jacket pressed, Zelda appears and asks for his pants. He refuses. Midge finds his watch and wallet and returns with all of it, including his shoes. Lenny thanks her but tells her not to help him next time she sees him -- she should just keep walking.

He heads down the stairs. Midge takes the elevator down and goes after him. He loses a shoe, and she picks it up and gives it to him. She asks why he's so upset. He insists he has to get home.

Midge and Lenny continue to argue as a milkman pulls up, who recognizes Lenny and won't stop talking about Lenny's greatness. Midge tries to tell him where to get a cab. The milkman turns on Lenny for being rude and swears at him before driving off.

Lenny explains to Midge that they don't share their domestic sides, but he admits to having a daughter, surprising Midge. He starts pacing as he has to pee.

Finally, a cab arrives. Lenny tries to give Midge money for everything she's done, and she heads back in, insulted. Lenny gets in the cab, and the driver recognizes him.

Susie calls the operator, trying to find the number for Joel's club in Chinatown, to no avail. She calls out to Dinah, her secretary, asking if she's gotten hold of Mike Carr.

Alfie, eating from a gift basket on Susie's bed, tells Susie he should ask Dinah to find the club in Chinatown. It's her job. Susie tells him not to eat in her bed. Dinah brings in another gift basket. They're all from Sophie. Susie asks Dinah to find out the number of Joel's club.

A little girl runs around. Dinah explains it's her niece, as her sister had to work today. Dinah tells her she's got Joel on the line. Susie is impressed at her speed.

She talks to Joel, saying that she's got an act for his club -- a magician. Susie says Joel can have the first show free, and if he likes it, he books him for a month. Joel is non-committal, but Susie is optimistic.

Sophie is now hosting the game show "Seconds Count." Abe and Rose watch at home. Midge is about to head out when she notices that the fridge light isn't working. She finds her parents eating TV dinners. Sophie's show is all anyone ever wants to talk about, so they eat in front of the TV on Thursday nights.

Midge reminds them that Sophie tried to end her career. Abe says she's their new Chaplin. Midge balks at this and leaves.

At the club, a dancer does an acrobatic window-washing striptease. Backstage, Boise tells Midge about all the improvements and upgrades that have been made. She lets him know she is very pleased.

The harried bartender keeps getting more orders than he can handle. Boise checks on him. He notices there are a lot more ladies at the club than usual.

The window-washer finishes up her act. Midge comes out and also notices there are many more ladies than normal. She mentions this and talks to some girls in the front row -- one of them is getting married. Midge works this into her bit.

Abe times Imogene typing. She can do 80 words per minute. He will use Imogene as a transcriber.

Midge heads into the kitchen. Zelda is taking things out of the broken fridge. Midge notes that the light wasn't working the night before. Zelda can't believe Midge was married with kids and doesn't know what a broken fridge looks like. Midge sends her to ask the neighbors to store some of their perishable items.

Rose enters with Norma and Lorraine. She tells Abe she had reserved the living room using his chart, so he and Imogene go to work in the bathroom.

Rose enters the kitchen, aghast at the scene. The phone rings.

Midge heads down the hall with a frozen turkey and eggs and spies the two Melamid women. Zelda gets on Rose's case about not teaching her daughter about the light in the fridge. Rose had no idea there was a light in the refrigerator. Rose informs Miriam that she has been invited to the small business women's council annual luncheon in Brighton Beach.

Rose spies Nora and Lorraine holding the turkey and eggs. She apologizes, saying Midge was also kicked in the head as a child.

Susie heads to the office. There is a beautiful Cadillac outside with a big red bow. When she gets upstairs, there are many more gift baskets, a golf set, and a croquet set which she trips over. Frustrated, Susie asks Dinah to get Sophie on the line.

Susie tells Sophie it must stop, but it's not Sophie on the line (she's getting a wax) -- it's Dawes. Dawes asks Susie if she likes the Cadillac. Susie says she hates everything and asks Sophie to stop sending gifts.

Moishe is on the phone with Midge. Midge asks for more time to pay back the loan, just a few more weeks. The rain is pouring, and there are leaks all over the club.

Boise meets with Terrence, a partner, and Mario, probably a gangster. Midge and Susie show up, and Boise introduces everyone. They say she has changed the place to have the wrong clientele. It's supposed to be a place for men to get away from women.

The dancers note that since Midge arrived, the coffee has improved, there are fewer creepy guys backstage, and they have a seamstress. A server comes by and notes that the women tip better.

Terrence notes that drink sales are up. The bartender tells him it's all fruity girly drinks. Terrence says receipts are up, so they should stick to what they're doing. Susie thinks Midge should get a cut of the bar tab. Boise refuses. Susie threatens to take her someplace else.

Terrence says they can negotiate tomorrow; he wants to go home and watch Gordon Ford. Midge, Susie, and some of the dancers head to the bar for banana daiquiris.

Midge apologizes to Zelda about the fridge. The phone rings. It's Dinah, with Susie on the line. Susie tells Midge that L. Roy Dunham has struck again -- he wrote about her show at the club.

Midge goes to the paper to confront L. Roy. She gives her name as Miriam Weissman to the lady at the front. The lady leaves to get L. Roy, returning with her nameplate. She is L. Roy Dunham.

Midge asks her to stop writing the terrible stories. Dunham says no. Midge asks her why she writes them. Dunham states that she just doesn't find her funny. Dunham says Midge makes for fantastic press, and by keeping her name in print, Midge gets free publicity.

Midge asks Dunham if she has any idea how hard it is to do what she does. Dunham counters that it's difficult to be a woman in journalism. Midge is speechless and leaves.

Midge returns home, only to find Sophie Lennon there, entertaining Zelda and the other servants of the floor. Midge asks the servants to give them privacy. She asks Sophie to leave. Sophie offers her a drink. After Midge refuses, Sophie dismisses Dawes.

Sophie asks for Midge's help -- she wants Susie back as her manager. Midge refuses, reminding Sophie that she HATES her. Sophie notes that Midge is in a severe financial crisis. Midge denies this. Sophie lists all Midge's debts, stating she has used a P.I. to get the info.

Sophie asks Midge to do the warm-up on her show. She'll pay her "too much" money. Sophie thinks that if Midge and Sophie can get along, Susie will come back to her. The best part is that they won't even have to interact. Sophie says she'll even throw in a fridge and get L. Roy Dunham shut up.

At Joel's club, there is no sign of Alfie for his set. Susie goes to call him but doesn't know who to call.

Mei appears and asks to talk to Joel in his office. Mei informs Joel that she's pregnant.

Joel blames himself. Mei keeps repeating that she's going to be a doctor. Joel assures her that she is still going to be a doctor. He says they will figure it out. He tells her to call often when she's in Chicago for her residency interview.

Susie searches through Chinatown for Alfie. Finally, she finds him in a little shop. He mentions going to lunch with Orson Welles when he was twelve. Susie tells Alfie not to talk himself out of it -- he's a great magician. Susie doesn't want to give up on him. She says he doesn't have to go on tonight.

Midge and Susie silent on either end of the line, Finally Susie speaks, saying she's trying to get away from Sophie. Midge says she needs the money. Susie gets frustrated, realizing she'll have to do it.

Rose goes to meet the small women's business council. It's empty except for them. The ladies all introduce themselves -- first names only. They're all matchmakers.

They ask Rose how long she's been matchmaking. She tells them just a few months. Benedetta notes that she has been very successful so far. They explain to her that she bagged the Melamid girls, which is Gitta's territory.

New York is divided up into territories for each of them to keep the peace. They ask if she got their letter -- the one that said "Stop.". Rose says she didn't understand what it meant. Rose insists that New York is big enough and there are plenty of people to go around.

Benedetta tells her she's not listening. Rose is competition they do not want. They threaten to expose Midge's strip club act to Mr. Melamid. Rose defers to them, and they get to lunch.

Midge and Susie get to NBC, and the stage manager gives Midge the lowdown on what she's meant to do. He hands Midge the mic. Midge starts warming up the crowd.

Susie heads to the Gordon Ford show to talk to Mike Carr. She's not on the list, so the security guard turns her away.

Sophie shows up, and the stage manager tells her that Midge is doing great. Midge keeps getting laughs, so Sophie gets in front of the crowd to rapturous applause. Midge and Sophie riff, roasting each other in metaphors.

Mike walks down the hall, and Susie follows him. She wants to get Midge on Gordon Ford for her national TV debut. Mike wants to see her perform first. Susie says she's warming up for Sophie now. Susie doesn't want to tell him about the strip club.

Back in the "Seconds Count" studio, Midge and Sophie continue to try and top each other with insults and comedy. It gets very personal and heated. The crowd starts turning. Midge calls out Sophie for being full of shit, and the assistants start throwing free pot holders into the audience. Midge drops the mic and walks off stage.

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Of course, I'm acting like a child. I'm a comedian.

Lenny Bruce

Zelda: I need your pants.
Lenny Bruce: I need them more.
Zelda: They’re wrinkled. They are bad pants.
Lenny Bruce: You just have to get to know them better.