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Ronny, Arthur and Marjorie are out to dinner at a local bar when they run into one of Jackie's ex-boyfriends, Tommy, who is their waiter. 

Marjorie loved him, and wants to try to hook him back up with Jackie, but he tells them he is gay. Immediately, Marjorie tells Ronny he should ask Tommy out on a date, but Ronny doesn't want to upset Jackie. 

When Tommy comes over to their table to take their orders, Majorie tells Tommy that Ronny is also gay and they should go on a date. Tommy thinks it's a good idea, and Ronny, reluctantly agrees. 

Meanwhile, Arthur just wants to order dinner and offers to pay $1000 for a roll. He never liked Tommy, who told Arthur the night of Jackie's high school prom that the Celtics won, when Arthur was taping the game to watch later. 

Gerard and Sean are talking about their upcoming birthday, and Sean tells Gerard he bought him the best gift. Ronny walks in, and Marjorie wants to know all about his date. 

Ronny calls it his best date ever, and they even had lunch the following afternoon. He tells Gerard and Sean who he went out with, and Gerard can't wait to see how Jackie reacts. He think she will be very angry. 

Jackie walks in to tell the family that she was out on a first date and there is no good way to tell a first date she is pregnant. Gerard tells her Ronny has something to tell her to cheer her up, but Ronny doesn't tell her the truth, saying only that Marjorie bought cashews (her favorite - but was lying). 

In a card store, Ronny and Tommy are picking out Gerard and Sean's joint birthday card. In walks, Jackie, who still doesn't know Tonny and Tommy are dating. After awkwardly running into the two of them, Ronny finally breaks down and tells Jackie they are dating. Jackie says that is great, and repeats just how great it is numerous times, before knocking over a display and walking out of the store. 

The family gathers at the McCarthy house and Sean brings in Gerard's gift, he rented him Rick Fox, a former Boston Celtics player. He hides Rick Fox in a closet to surprise Gerard. When he finally gets there, Sean tells Gerard to pick out his favorite Celtics player, and after listing a number of other guys, he finally says Rick Fox, and he pops out of the closet. 

Sean rented him for two hours, and Rick Fox is not much of a conversationalist. Gerard keeps asking him questions and he responds with one word answers. 

Meanwhile, Tommy arrives at the McCarthy house, much to Ronny's surprise. Marjorie intercepted an email Tommy sent Ronny and pretended to be Ronny inviting him over. Majorie didn't realize that Jackie had run into the two of them at the card store, and thinks it was a bad idea to invite him over. 

Jackie walks in and immediately sees Tommy and tells everyone she is fine. She proceeds to try to get Tommy to like her again, and flirts with him. Ronny pulls Jackie aside and tells him that Tommy is gay and she should give it up, but she won't, and it causes Tommy to get very uncomfortable and ends up leaving the party. 

Rick Fox tells Ronny that he could miss this shot, so Ronny goes after him. 

Before the two hours are up, Rick Fox is out back playing basketball with Sean and Gerard, and even lets Gerard block one of his shots. Ronny comes back from talking to Tommy and tells the family that Tommy doesn't want to see them again. Jackie apologies, and says she has been sad and thinks she will never find someone now that she is pregnant. 

The McCarthy parents are upset they lost their second chance with Tommy. 








Prom night - 


I'm pulling the 


Ronny's gay now.

Hes not great at it, but he's trying

cashews - 

I'll pay you $1000 for a roll. 

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The McCarthys
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