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Five DEA agents are murdered in their off and gunmen take out two of the three hidden cameras.

The FBI investigates Krystal, the girlfriend of a recently killed drug lord but dismiss her. Jane asks Krystal out on a date.

Jane convinces Krystal to talk to the FBI and she gives them a lead on Paco, another drug dealer involved with the cartels. They put out a BOLO to track him down.

Turns out Krystal is the leader of the Gulf Coast drug ring and she's trying to take out her competition. She kills Paco and makes it look like he was killed in a police raid.

Jane figures out Krystal is the ring leader and confronts her during a date on her yacht. With Lisbon listening in over the phone, Jane miscalculates the FBI finding him and has to jump from the boat and swim for his life before Krystal can shoot him.

The FBI arrive and arrest Krystal. Lisbon, Fischer, and Cho all chastise Jane for his lack of communication with them which could have gotten him killed. 

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

We have to wait for a hit on the BOLO. I hate that.


Jane: I don't need a desk.
Fischer: Really, you work standing up.
Jane: No, lying down.