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Abbott and Cho continue to investigate the human smuggling ring and uncover that blood tests were done on all of the girls and some were given heart tattoos on their hands. When the blood test kits lead them to an old medical warehouse they find a surgery bay and a freezer with several bodies that have been stripped of their vital organs. They all have the heart tattoo on their hand.

Jane is arrested and brought in front of a grand jury for murdering Thomas McAllister. Fischer and Lisbon are called to testify. Lisbon is furious when she finds out it was all a sting to try and uncover grand jury tampering. The case leads to a mobster who paid off a federal prosecutor to make sure grand jury went his way.

Lisbon still struggles with whether to go to D.C. with Pike. Jane tells Lisbon that what is most important to him is that she is happy, but both he and Lisbon look miserable. 

The Mentalist
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