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Charles Whitaker, a high tech map maker dies of a massive overdose after running to his office.

Jane finds a newspaper at Charles home with a code inside. He figures out that Charles intercepted the paper from a colleague who was using the code to sell company secrets. 

Jane sets up Charles brother Curtis to look like the murderer to lure out the real suspect. Avery, the CEO's assistant, tries to make the drop and Cho arrests her. She tells him that when Charles figured out what she was doing she killed him to keep him quite, drying to make it look like an overdose.

Former CBI agent Osvaldo Arviles takes Lisbon out to ask for her help. He thinks he's being followed and his phone hacked. Lisbon sends him to Wayne and Grace.

After their first meeting, Rigsby tries to track down Osvaldo and finds him murdered. Grace is sent a list of former CBI agents including Osvaldo and her former team members. Apparently they are all being targeted. 

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Jane: I'm not your boss. Why would you say that?
Lisbon: Just sometimes now you act like you are.
Jane: We're equals. Partners.
Lisbon: Fine. Just remember that.

This room makes me feel like I'm in an aquarium and everyone's looking at me.