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U.S. attorney Edith Furlach is found dead in Mexico. Jane figures out that she was killed in Texas and transported through an underground tunnel.

Jane ditches Fischer in Texas when he gets an invite to a citizens compound with a connection to Edith. Jane finds out that Edith recognized a fugitive from the compound who had been on the run for 27 years. When Edith warned her to turn herself in, she shot and killed her.

Jane gives his new team presents that they've wanted since their childhood. Cho gets Mexican jumping beans, Abbott gets Voltron, Wiley a Tamagachi, and Fischer a magic wand.

Jane tells Rigsby and Van Pelt to contact La Roche for help on the CBI investigation. Rigsby tags along when La Roche goes to execute a search warrant of an empty warehouse. La Roche hits a trip wire and is shot and killed.

The Mentalist
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