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An crew of three men rob an armored car of $600,000 and the FBI is on the case. Jane figures out who their inside man was at the bank to which they were delivering the money. He won’t talk but Wiley is able to track his recent locations from his cell phone. Cho and Vega canvas those locations. Before they leave, Wiley asks Vega out on a date and she says yes.

At a diner, Vega spots two of the robbers. When Cho tries to stop them from leaving, guns are drawn and the third man begins to fire. During the firefight Vega is killed. The entire team is devastated. Cho makes the phone call to tell Vega’s aunt, her only next of kin that she has died.

Detective Brian Ports from Austin Homicide joins in on the case. Cho had shot one of the men during the gun battle and another is seen going into a pharmacy for supplies. When local police try to apprehend him he takes a hostage and flees. The three robbers are followed to a suburban home where they now have two hostages. Jane wants to try and turn the men against one another but Cho and Abbott choose to go in with SWAT. 

When Jane realizes that Lisbon is going to go in with them, he enters the house himself and manages to get the two hostages released. With one man wounded and lying on the sofa, Jane gets the other two to turn on one another. Just as they open fire, Cho and the SWAT team enter and kill them both. 

After Vega’s funeral, Jane tells Teresa that he can no longer do this. He’s leaving the FBI. He doesn’t know for where and she can either come with him or not but he has to go.

The Mentalist
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