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After an outing with Peter, Mindy sees his apartment for the first time and is not happy with his choice of roommates. 

With two apartments, Danny tries to sell his other apartment, when Mindy invites him to brunch with Peter. Danny doesn't think he needs friends because he has Mindy. Danny does remodeling on his apartment for an open house. Danny asks the contractor about expanding the apartments into one. 

With Peter having a bad time with his roommates, Mindy thinks he should rent Danny's second apartment. Even though Danny doesn't want Peter to rent the it, but he reluctantly agrees.

After work, Danny enters his apartment to find Peter cooking for him. When Mindy finds out Peter doesn't have a bed, she invites him to stay and he gets comfortable. The next day, Danny arrives at the apartment thinking Mindy is in the shower, but it is actually Peter. Danny wants him out of the apartment, but Mindy convinces him to let him stay. 

Jeremy babysits Lauren's son, while she deals with a family issue. Morgan wants to help him because he doesn't think Jeremy can handle it. After a sleepless night with Henry, Lauren's son, Jeremy is not happy, but Morgan shows up and Henry loves him. Jeremy is defeated by babysitting and has Morgan stay while he leaves for a while. Before he leaves, Henry calls for "Peter" and Jeremy is suddenly ready to give babysitting another try. Morgan tries to help Jeremy babysit. When they get in a fight Henry laughs at the injuries. After a night of injuring himself, Jeremy finally gets Henry to go to sleep. When Morgan tells Jeremy that he'll be babysitting more, Jeremy does not like the prospect of having a girlfriend with a kid. Morgan leaves, but not before accidentally waking Henry up.

The contractor visits and tells Mindy about combining the apartments. She is very excited at the prospect of a family with Danny that she kicks Peter out. Peter agrees, but is not happy. 

When they enjoy a quiet night, they hear Peter throwing a party in the apartment above them. Mindy accidentally lets Danny know that she knows about the apartment expansion. Danny actually reveals that the above apartment would be for his mother, not a family with Mindy.

Peter gets hurt going on a slide. When Danny visits him in the hospital, Peter has insight into why Mindy was mad at him. Danny decides to let Peter stay in the apartment. Danny apologizes to Mindy and reveals he is scared about the idea of Mindy moving in, but offers. However, Mindy wants him to wait until he is not anxious at the idea of living together. 

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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Right now, I am grown up who living like The Situation.


I don't need friends, I have a girlfriend. That's the whole point of a relationship, so I always have my little buddy to watch The Weather Channel with me.