The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 10 Review: What About Peter?

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Will Danny commit in the future?

After talking about expanding his second apartment for "family," I thought we'd get that proposal that was discussed via Mindy's diary a couple weeks back. But, Danny had me (and poor Mindy) fooled on The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 10

Obviously, it was a mistake Mindy found out about the expansion, but after he saw the diary, you'd think Danny would've gotten some type of hint. I totally bought it, too, but his clueless-ness made sense when Danny's commitment phobias were previously shown.

It was even rational of Mindy to think expansion meant family together, not Annette living above Danny. Luckily, Peter was the one who clued Danny in on his mistake. I am very curious how this Christmas proposal deadline will work out, but it looks like Danny is slowly moving away from his phobias. 

Overall, I liked the dynamic between Peter, Mindy, and Danny. It makes it even sadder Peter will be leaving in the future. Peter is the straight, frat-guy girlfriend Mindy needs. Who would've thought?

Peter: Mindy, your boyfriend groped me. You are a beard.
Mindy: Oh no, it's happening again.

Mindy defending Peter for Danny was so fun to watch. From getting him the apartment to applauding his adulthood-ness, Mindy is a good friend to Peter. Though she did kick him out for her own needs. 

Even though the apartment story was entertaining, watching Jeremy babysit with the help of Morgan had a lot of great moments. First, the fact Morgan was as good with the baby as he was, and then just how miserable Jeremy was after one day.

Rule #1 with a baby, don't use it as a human shield.


Of course, once it became a competition to be better than Peter, Jeremy stepped up to be a babysitter. I don't blame the kid for saying Peter's name, because I have even mixed up the names of Jeremy and Peter. I liked Jeremy's attempt to injure himself to make Henry happy, but I feel like I've seen that bit on other shows with fill-in babysitters. 

Even after being somewhat successful with the babysitting, it didn't look like Jeremy and Lauren were going to be a lasting relationship. Morgan could get a good babysitting gig, though. 

One of the most usual aspects was the lack of the Schulman and Associates office. Sure, there was the hospital, but it felt so different to have zero scenes of what was happening in the office. No Tamra or Beverly to pop in with their always entertaining comments. 

This wasn't a prime episode of The Mindy Project, there were moments when I laughed, but there were also moments when I did not.

What did you think of "What About Peter?" Who do you think should be Mindy's new friend once Peter leaves? Do you think Danny and Mindy will eventually move in together? Was babysitting the end of the road for Jeremy and Lauren?

If you have missed out on any of the season, make you watch The Mindy Project online via TV Fanatic to check out what you haven't seen. 

NOTE: The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 11 is titled "Christmas" and will air on Tuesday, December 9.

What About Peter? Review

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