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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 4, Laura is surprised to get a phone call from the man who, not only tried to kill her, but deceived her as well, Captain Hauser. Hauser eventually gets her on the phone and gives her information on a cold case regarding Thomas "The Irishman" Mullen's, who murdered various people and hid millions of dollars. Laura's interest is piqued and she decides to look into the lead Hauser gave her which turns out to be a true lead.

Hauser convinces Laura to visit him in prison, but he isn't able to offer her any information because there are too many people watching him or listening to him. The next day, Laura turns on the news and finds out Hauser and Mullens both escaped prison and Laura is convinced Hauser is trying to lead her to the money to close out the close case. Laura, and the team, follow Hausers various clues and they are able to get a track on Mullens, but Laura is the only one who is close and Jake tells Laura to wait to everyone gets there.

Unfortunately, Hauser is taken hostage by Mullens and Laura jumps into action to save her former captain. Thankfully her team shows up and they are able to get Hauser away from Mullens. Later, Hauser explains to Laura he didn't do this to get a lighter sentence, but instead to apologize for putting her through so much hell and losing her trust. Laura forgives Hauser and embraces him in a hug.

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The Mysteries of Laura
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The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Max: You will never in a zillion years guess who's on my phone.
Laura: Captain Hauser.
Max: Good guess.

Jake: Question, how is it that second graders have ten pages of math homework a night?
Laura: They have ten pages a week, I just make them do all ten on your night.