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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 3, Laura and her team are tasked with trying to find the person who murdered a young tech whiz, Zach, and they need to find the killer before Zach's secret project is stolen. 

As Laura interviews Zach's maid, she finds out Zach only had his mother and his business partner, Shane, in his life and didn't really socialize with anyone else. Zach wanted to have a quiet life, but when it made his first billion, everyone wanted a piece of him and he found himself shutting himself in. Laura was determined to find the person who killed the young kid and started investigating his business partner Shane.

While Shane proves he's a complete ass, he has an alibi for the night Zach was murdered, but he does provide the name of a woman, Abby, who was obsessed with Zach and could possibly have killed him. Meredith and Billy go to Abby's apartment and  Billy is quickly assaulted by a knife-wielding Abby and she's instantly brought to the station. While being interrogated, Laura finds out Abby never had a real relationship with Zach, but she's able to provide information about where he went on the last night he was alive. It turns out Zach was visiting with his deadbeat father at a Chinese restaurant, but the father also has an alibi.

When the team thinks they don't have anymore suspects, they go through Zach's computer and find some voicemails from Zach's childhood friend Jordan who is suicidal. Jordan is begging for Zach's help, but Zach never listened to the messages and Jordan assumed Zach had forgotten about him. The team realizes Jordan, who has a thing for drones, sent a drone with knives on it to Zach's apartment which killed him. 

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The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Our parents gave us logic problems at dinner, didn't solve it, no dessert.


Jake: I don't see a phone, do you?
Laura: Nope, which is very weird cause kids these days are surgically tethered to their phones.