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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 5, Laura and the team investigates the murder of a woman named Isabelle. The first person they interview is her journalist husband named Terence who has made enemies thanks to the controversial articles he has written. Jake investigates Terence more and finds out he had previous wife who was killed under suspicious circumstances which piques Laura's interest, but the surprising moment comes when they find out Isabelle faked her death to get away from Terence.

Laura looks into why Isabelle would take her death and finds out Terence had been abusing her and the only way she thought she could get away from him was by faking her death. Laura is able to track her down and Isabelle is able to confirm Terence basically said he killed his first wife and he had planned to kill her as well. Laura takes this information and does some more digging into Terence's life and figures out where the body of his first wife is, but she needs Isabelle's help. 

In the end, Laura takes Isabelle to the crypt of Terence's mother and they are able to find the bones belonging to the first wife. Jake and Laura are able to take Terence down at his work and they reveal it was Isabelle who helped them with the case. 

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[talking with Laura] No car owner is messier than you.


It looks like road rage gone extreme.