Ready For Trial - The Night Of
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While Stone is cleaning the litter box, a news segment about Naz appears.

He's in Freddy's cell. Freddy is getting high. Naz turns him down, but accepts a cell phone. Freddy asks after his family.

Freddy tells him he as "this" every day. Naz nods and looks down at the phone in his hand.

Naz's mother was let go because she's his mother. At the agency, they ask what she's willing to do.

At the precinct, Box is reading Naz's Facebook page, wondering what it means when someone says "I owe you big time bro," but it's really no different than all the other entries.

The DA is still busy trying to manipulate potential witnesses to her will.

Stone is trying Chinese medicine on his feet.

Naz is getting a tattoo. Freddy wants to know why he hasn't used the phone yet when it's $10 a minute. I guess to Freddy?

Chandra found the footage of The Night Of when the man driving the hearse saw Naz. She goes over to the place, and he doesn't want to speak to her. He said she had a vibration like some women got. Like she a cat and you the yarn. She's gods gift and he's the plaything. When Chandra asks him where he went after that, he asks if she's going to go there. Does she think he's a plaything, too? Chandra is visibly taken aback. He mentions a bible passage. That's all she needs to know.

Chandra appears at Stone's house with a bible. She gave the mortician her card. It sounds as ominous coming from her lips as it does rolling around my mind.

Box, still looking at Nazir's Facebook page, discovers Naz got into a fight with a kid in ninth grade and tossed him down the stairs, breaking his arm. He could have cracked his skull. He was suspended, but when he came back, it was just as bad, so he was transferred out. Box asks nothing in follow up.

It's time for a jury selection. Most of them are falling asleep.

Box shares the news about the violent behavior with Stone. Stone reads the report, tells Chandra Naz lied to to them again.

Naz was in fifth grade when the towers fell. He and his brothers were beat up and he had no idea why. By the time he pushed the kid down the stairs, he wasn't fighting, he just pushed him like he was opening a door. Naz has a memory from The Night Of. Was it little bungy hooks hanging? I'm lost.

Stone calls Chandra about her opening statement. She's a little frustrated. He says he'll come over and then takes some of his eastern medicine.

Chandra opens her door. Naz's father is standing there. He's giving her cash and has a bag

Freddy gives Naz a shirt an tie, but he wants to wear what he's getting from his mom instead.

Stone's feet are healed. He looks at the Chinese medicine with reverence and then opens a box of shoes he'll wear in court.

Opening statements come shortly after Stone switches shirts with Naz.

Mrs. Weiss (The DA has a name, apparently) is such a sad sack.

Naz smokes...crack? Heroin? for the first time after his day in court.

Day 2, the idiot who first stopped Naz the night of the murder and some others are questioned and various videos are showed.

Back at Rikers it's more smoking drugs, more tattoo and Naz walking past the cell next to his to see a couple of dudes engaging in oral sex. He calls Chandra. After handing up, someone comes in asks about using the phone and gives him a green dot. In the shower the next morning, he's accosted by the dude receiving oral sex. He's not going to tell Freddy, right?

Stone finally looks into the argument at the funeral. Andrea's mother's husband has a history with the older ladies. He wants half of everything Andrea inherited from her mother. She said no way. Actually, what she said was 'over my dead body.'


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The Night Of Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Chandra [calling to bartender]: Can I get another one? [to Stone] I broke up with my boyfriend.
Stone: Oh. Fuck that. Who cares? This is important.

Chandra: You talked to her there. Why?
Mortician: Because I saw her for the destroyer that she was, and I did not like that. Sometimes when you call them out, they get neutralized.