Piecing It Together - The Night Of
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Stone is using the heat lamp on his feet.

Nonetheless, when he's speaking in front of a class, he has a hart time not thinking about his itchy feet.

Naz has a room, thanks to his friendship with Freddy.

Chandra goes to Stone for help, offering $20,000. This time he's being a little harder. He'll only take $30,000 whether her firm gets paid or not.

They're definitely working on the drug angle for the defense. That's all the prosecution thinks they can do.

The prosecutor is talking to Box, who is ready to retire. When he doesn't want to talk about it, she asks him to walk her through Naz's night from point A to point B.

Meanwhile, Salim's partners are asking him, out of respect, if they can bring charges against Naz.

A guard comes to Naz. Freddy has the dude who burned him naked and afraid in the bathroom. It's Naz's turn to take out his anger on him. Naz has never done anything like that to anyone, but when the stupid guy talks back to him, Naz pounds him.

Stone goes to the pound to get the cat, saying it's a stay, not a pardon.

Box is putting together the timeline for the prosecution.

Stone asks if his lady wants a cat. He can't get it up because of steroids. Time for viagra. He gets to be humiliated in the pharmacy.

Naz is going all dark. He shaves his head, begins smoking.

Box finds a security camera that may be helpful.

Stone is buying ketamine. Or showing a dude at a bar Andrea's number and asking why she called him that night. Stone has someone to get on the stand to cast reasonable doubt.

The video Box finds is of Andrea getting into the cab. The prosecutor reads it as premeditation. She sees him kicking two guys out of the cab, but inviting the single woman.

The prosecutor gets the medical examiner to say what she wants at trial instead of what he truly believes. This cut is as a result of his hand slipping from the handle of the knife to the blade of the knife while stabbing her.

Now Naz is taking full advantage of his relationship with Freddy to do whatever the hell he wants in prison.

Freddy wants Naz to take a couple of 8 balls that will be up Petey's mother's snatch and keep them down because I don't know.

Stone buys a bag full of toys for the cat to play with and is tickled when it begins playing with them.

Stone finds out the hard way (pun intended) that taking viagra when you're dating a hooker isn't good form.

Naz is practicing swallowing grapes whole while Stone and Chandra realize they've been lied to.

His tox screens had ketamine, coke and speed. So much anxiety while Naz swallows four 8 balls right in front of Stone and Chandra. Stone got him to admit to taking adderall.

Stone goes to see Trevor, who claims he didn't know the dude he was with when they were walking down the street.

Trevor cops to the guy named Duane, but then says his last name is Reade. When they're sitting right beside DuaneReade.

Turns out his name really is Duane Reade, and he has a warrant out for his arrest for assault with a knife. Despite telling Chandra he wasn't going to go after him, that's exactly what Stone does.


The Night Of
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The Night Of Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Student: Would you defend Hitler?
Stone: In theory, it would be my duty as an officer of the court.
Student: Hitler killed my great grandparents.

Stone's Son: You coulda worn shoes though.
Stone: I'm afraid those days are gone.