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As The Originals Season 2 Episode 20 begins, Dahlia brings Klaus into her mind in order to strike a deal with the hybrid. She shows him an attack on his mother and aunt when they were young girls. They were both taken by the Vikings and their entire village was slaughtered. In showing him the vision, he hopes they will become allies.

Freya tells Elijah to bring Hayley and Hope back to New Orleans. She wants to use the baby as bait to lure Dahlia to a killing ground where she will be made mortal. Elijah doesn't trust Freya's plan or see it as altruistic.

Marcel takes Rebekah to the club so that she'll be kept safe from Dahlia's magic. If Rebekah is injured in the fight against Dahlia, the witches to whom she is linked will be hurt as well. To undo the linking spell, Marcel and his men bring Vincent to the club so he can reverse Eva's spell.

Cami opens the restaurant and gets a visit from Elijah who tells her that Klaus has been daggered. She tells him that Klaus didn't kill Aiden but took the blame so people would fear him. Elijah has no plans to undagger Klaus and needs Cami's help.

Elijah brings dark objects into the club with a plan to use their magic as a decoy to attract Dahlia while Hayley and Jackson get Hope out of the city. He threatens Vincent and still Vincent refuses to help on the grounds that this isn't his fight.

Marcel finds Josh packing his bags to leave the city. He's heartbroken over the fact that he didn't even get to say goodbye.

Dahlia and Klaus visit the cabin where she was kept in captivity for years following her capture. She was made their witch, doing dark magic in order to keep her sister free. While the Vikings weren't looking, Dahlia worked on a spell to free them of their captors, but Esther gave up her magic for Mikael and the promise of her own family. 

Davina looks through Cami's catalogue of dark objects hoping to find the one she can use to attract Dahlia. Rebekah uncovers Davina's attempts to resurrect a bird in hopes of resurrecting Kol. They stumble upon a plan they believe might work. 

As they walk through the woods, Jackson tells Hayley about what it was like to be a wolf under the Crescent curse and how he protected their people when the previous Alpha had been killed. Hope begins crying and Jackson vows they'll defend the bayou and the baby while Hayley stops to comfort her daughter.

Dahlia tells Klaus she's been unjustly painted as the villain in their story by comparing Esther's abandonment to his siblings' daggering. When he demands she get on with it, she tells him that she's trying to save Hope, not harm her. She shows him Freya as a teenager and the magic and power she possesses. Freya was unable to control her own magic and Dahlia helped her learn how. Dahlia sees an angry temper and terrible power in Hope's future.

Elijah informs Marcel that Klaus didn't kill Aiden. One of the witches hoping to turn the brothers against each other did it. Elijah doesn't plan to undagger Klaus even after knowing the truth. Marcel tells Elijah to think like Klaus if they have any hope of defeating Dahlia.

Vincent encounters Cami in the cemetery and delivers the spell which will unlink Rebekah and Eva from the other teenagers. She urges him to use his magic to join the fight but he refuses. The covens want him as a regent but he doesn't want the part. 

Marcel calls Hayley to tell the wolves that Klaus didn't kill Aiden and ends up advising her on how to lead her people. She can be a queen or their friend but she cannot be both. In war there will be casualties and Aiden is their first.

Freya has located Hayley and tells Elijah not to stand in her way. He tells her to go to the compound and begin the spell and he'll get Hope. 

Klaus tells Dahlia he'll find someone else to tutor Hope in controlling her magic and Dahlia says it's not family she wants. She wants power, but she wants him to continue on as Hope's father whiles he teaches Hope to control her magic and channels his daughter. 

Elijah goes into the bayou looking for Hayley and Hope and encounters the wolves along the way. Jackson knows that unlike Klaus, Elijah won't kill him because he hopes to have Hayley for himself again one day. Elijah asks for a vial of Hope's blood so Davina can complete the spell and Hayley agrees.

Klaus asks what the catch is for Dahlia's plan and learns that he'll need to kill Hayley if their plan is to work. She wakes him from inside the dream and he undaggers himself. 

In the safe wolves' safe house, Jackson plays with Hope and Hayley enters to tell him that the pack is ready for the funeral. Jackson tells Hayley that they've lost too many wolves to the Mikaelsons this year and asks if that's where she wants to be. He loves her but cannot live with her under Klaus' roof. She chooses the wolves.

Elijah injects Freya with Hope's blood making her the bait for Freya's spell. 

Davina works inside Kol's lab when she's visited by Vincent asking if she's sure she can do this spell on her own. He wants her to become the leader of the covens and in doing so, she'll be the most powerful witch in the French Quarter. 

Josh is welcomed into the circle to say goodbye to Aiden before the wolves finish his funeral. Hayley calls Elijah to say goodbye and to let him know that she doesn't want Hope to be a Mikaelson and Rebekah agrees. Klaus overhears both the message and Rebekah's agreement. Klaus drags himself to Dahlia's crypt to join forces with her against Hayley and his siblings.

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Rebekah: What's all this?
Cami: Dark objects, because apparently now I'm a dispensary.

We define ourselves by our family. From birth we share their names, entrust them to protect that which we hold most dear. We value them above all others, and yet inevitably, we are forced apart. Promises are made then left unkept. Children in particular turn their backs on those who raised them, seeking lives of their own. The bond of family is not a bond forged by choice. In fact, some would see family as a terrible burden.