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Cami has Vincent working on a spell in the cemetery. He has her cloaked, but he can sense that Freya is looking for her. She wants her dark objects back and doesn’t plan to take no for an answer. 

Aya and Davina find Arianna dead and Aya tells her this is what happens to those who cross Elijah Mikaelsson. Aya instructs the witches to channel her Arianna and enter her mind. Davina believes that to be disrespectful to the dead but Aya wants to know what the weapon is which can kill an original in order to protect her sire line.

Marcel confronts Aya about bringing Davina into the Strix as one of their witches. She tells him she has a plan which may be able to keep them all alive should the Mikaelsons fall.

Klaus shows up to the exchange site but does not bring the dark objects as Cami has requested. As they argue, Vincent suggests they figure out their squabble before someone else discovers what she took.

Hayley suggests killing Aya in order to take over the Strix and Elijah tells her they shared a history, meaning it’s not quite that simple for him. When Mikael came for them, Aya didn’t follow. She was rescued by Tristan and felt indebted to him and abandoned by Elijah.

The Sisters have difficulty gaining access to Arianna’s mind. When they take a break, Davina decides to consecrate Arianna’s body so she can find peace. In the process, she sees Arianna’s vision and knows what the weapon which can kill an original looks like.

Klaus doesn’t want to return the dark objects to Cami because he’s afraid she’ll grow too arrogant and wind up dead. When she tells him she wants the objects in order to kill Aurora since she can’t fight on Aurora’s footing, he agrees to return the objects to her.

Aya tells the Strix that they are in search of a weapon and Elijah enters the room to tell her that she cannot assume leadership. He must choose the vampire they will follow. He invokes the charter and she challenges him to a duel. 

Davina uses magic to send herself to the compound where she sees Klaus packing up dark objects. He can feel someone’s presence but he cannot see her. She overhears a discussion between Klaus and Hayley which tells her where the weapon can be found.

Marcel, Aya, Elijah, and the Strix go to the gym where they plan to fight it out until only one of them is left standing. That person will become the new leader of the Strix.

One of the Sisters tells Davina that Aya is not a woman who keeps her promises and that joining the Sisters will change her forever. Madison wants out of the coven and will stop at nothing to make that happen, including invading Davina’s thoughts.

While Elijah and Aya fight in the ring, Aya shares with them all how he ran from Mikael while his followers were slaughtered. She champions Tristan because Elijah will always choose his blood family above all. Marcel seizes a moment to steal the scroll, which will make him leader come midnight.

Madison is in the City of the Dead. Using a spell, she tricks Camille into believing Klaus has not returned with the dark objects. 

Elijah and Aya share a drink instead of looking for Marcel themselves. She asks why he hesitated to kill her when he had the chance. He flirts and tells her not to be concerned.

Vincent knows that something isn’t right in the cemetery and goes out to look. Klaus finds Madison who snaps his neck and then she and her sisters go after Cami. When Cami hesitates to hand over the weapon, Madison begins breaking all of her bones until the horse flies out of Cami’s hands. 

Elijah calls Marcel and asks nicely for the charter. Elijah has found him and the homeowner invites Elijah inside at Marcel’s request. Once inside, he finds Marcel has gone.

In the city of the dead, Klaus and Cami fight while Vincent tries to find the witch who stole the horse. Across town, Marcel ascends to the throne as leader of the Strix. Marcel claims he’s the better leader because he knows the city.

Cami apologizes to Klaus for stealing the pale horse and Davina calls to tell them that Madison isn’t working for the Strix. She’s Aurora’s witch, whom Aurora repays for her loyalty with death.

Marcel pours a drink for himself and Elijah after their masterful performance. They were working together the whole time.

Because Davina consecrated Arianna’s body, she can see the fallen witch. Arianna suggests she use the collective power of the Sisters to save Kol so that she doesn’t lose him forever.

During a barside chat with Aya, Marcel learns that with Davina’s help, and with the right combination of witches, they can unlink themselves from their sires. Aurora has the horse sculpture turned into wooden bullets.

The Originals
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The Originals Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Hayley: How exactly do you plan on keeping her distracted?
Elijah: With a little salt and an old wound.

Klaus, you’re afraid something will happen to me? Guess what! Something already did! Your ex hates me so much she murdered me. She’s going to have to pay for that.