The Originals Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Dead Angeles

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Someday the vampire characters we know and love will learn that when they have the opportunity to vanquish an enemy, they should always take it.

Because Klaus did not kill Aurora at any point when he had the chance, by the end of The Originals Season 3 Episode 12 she, the crazy one, is in possession of seven wooden bullets made from the White Oak.


A Trio of Heroes - The Originals

These guys are forever and always getting caught being sort of dumb about women. Klaus didn't kill Aurora. Elijah didn't kill Aya. Now both of them are working on ways to kill the Originals while ensuring the survival of (some) of the sire lines.

Sure, Elijah didn't kill Aya because he knew Marcel was going to steal the scroll and become leader of the Strix thus ensuring both his own survival and his brother's because the Strix will fight to the death to protect their leader. 

But part of Elijah probably didn't kill her because they share a history, and a pretty intense one at that. That's sort of the thing about Elijah, though. When he loves, he loves deeply, which is why he doesn't love often. That and Klaus kills most of the women he falls in love with, so there's that. 

At any rate, his plan with Marcel was a pretty genius one, and their little celebratory scene was a show-stealer. 

If anyone is capable of leading the Strix in New Orleans, it's Marcel. He's the only one of them who has proven to be an effective leader in the Big Easy, so even if he was showboating, he was right.

He knows that city inside and out and as someone who has never really left home, he's the one who most wants to protect it from whatever evil may be lurking on the horizon. 

He is truly the king of New Orleans. Working with the Mikaelsons might put a target on his back, but it also ensures he has formidable allies. His ascension to the throne helps to ensure their collective ability to stay alive.

Elijah presumably has Rebekah's body safely stashed somewhere so she's safe too. All they have to do is wait out the year. 

Except no. Nope. Aya has a workaround and her name is Davina Claire.

Davina just doesn't know it yet.

The idea of disconnecting the sire lines is one that makes a ton of sense and saves a lot of trouble. It's a great plan. Whether or not Marcel will agree is another story.

On the one hand, no longer being sired from Klaus Mikaelson means he doesn't have to protect his alliance with his former family. On the other hand, Marcel's sense of loyalty, in my estimation, goes much deeper than having been sired by Klaus. He was quite literally saved by the Mikaelsons, given a life and a status. 

That's not something Marcel will soon forget, and breaking the sire lines will probably take some devastating toll on Davina and the Sisters. Once Marcel sees that, he'll put a stop to Aya's contingency plan. 

The Sisters proved a pretty formidable group of witches, capable of overpowering the nine covens of New Orleans with their dark magic. But Davina proved more powerful than all of them by being able to go inside Arianna's memory simply by consecrating the witch's body and helping her spirit find peace.

Now she's probably going to lose herself to bring Kol back from the shadow world, but that's...what we do for the ones we love, right? 

(No. Probably not. It's probably not a good idea. But this is television.)

One explanation which was incredibly great to receive tonight was why Cami was so incredibly nuts last week in stealing the pale horse and using it as a bargaining chip against Klaus. 

At first, it seemed like she was just being a crazy, impulsive new vampire, but learning that her reasoning behind wanting the dark objects back was so that she could protect herself against Aurora and never again live in fear was pretty spot on. 

Aurora has a thousand years on her. Cami would never last against her in a fight. (Too bad Cami doesn't actually know karate...)

She knew it was a risk to take the carving, but it was one she felt she had to make in order to protect herself. It backfired, but we sort of have to admire her tenacity and willingness to take care of herself.

Cami's desire never to feel afraid again and to protect herself at the sake of all of her other relationships makes great sense psychologically. Somewhere deep in there, a part of her probably doesn't trust that Klaus can protect her since he couldn't protect her from this. 

Likewise, there's a part of Klaus that doubts himself capable of being able to protect those he loves now that Cami has been a victim. These two totally love each other and they can't get past their own hurt to make it happen. 

It's sort of heartbreaking if you think about it. And it's all Aurora's fault. Damn her! 

I wouldn't mind at all if it were Aurora's ticker that ended up inside a "Heart Shaped Box" next week on The Originals Season 3 Episode 13.

What did you think of "Dead Angeles"? Will Marcel go along with Aya's plan to unlink the sire lines? Should he? Tell me what you think and remember you can always watch The Originals online right here on TV Fanatic!

Dead Angeles Review

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Hayley: How exactly do you plan on keeping her distracted?
Elijah: With a little salt and an old wound.

Klaus, you’re afraid something will happen to me? Guess what! Something already did! Your ex hates me so much she murdered me. She’s going to have to pay for that.