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As The Originals Season 3 Episode 11 begins, Aya leads the Strix in a tribute to Tristan and begins her attempt to take over the organization. She has their witch Ariana assess their loyalty. Marcel is afraid to read his divination, and made doubly afraid when she kills a member whose card reveals he would try to overthrow her. Marcel’s card reveals him as a knight. 

Davina, still excommunicated from the witch community, goes in search of herbs but none of the witches in the market will help her. They also won’t help Josh since they recognize him as her consort.

Klaus finds the compound littered with blood bags and without Cami, who has been given a daylight ring. Elijah believes the threat against their family remains, but Klaus believes there’s an ebb in their worries. Hayley asks if she can stay at the compound after telling the brothers she saw Cami leave at sunrise.

Elijah gets a phone call from Aya who plans to stay in town until the threat against the Mikaelsons is eliminated. She wants to work together to ensure her own survival and believes she has the key to Alexis’ puzzle.

Josh gripes at Davina for not calling him when things in her life went wrong. Aya pulls up in a limousine and tells Davina to get in. Cami goes to Rousseau’s and gets herself into some trouble. Klaus follows her there.

Aya takes Davina to meet The Sisters, wayward souls with an extraordinary capacity for magic. They are the Strix’ own personal coven. To lure Davina in, Aya hands her a spell to raise Kol from the dead and tells her that the Sisters are the only coven in the world who can do it. In exchange, Davina must take a vow of fealty. 

Klaus tells Cami she’s not equipped to live in the vampire world. She admits to having her emotions all over the place and Klaus offers to teach her how to control it.

Davina tries to perform a suspension spell which will stop her heart but keep her from dying so that she can visit Kol to ask about becoming one of the Sisters. She wants to channel Josh’s power to do the spell and tricks him into allowing it by taking the poison before asking.

Aya takes Elijah to meet with Arianna, her seer. She wants Elijah to allow Arianna inside his mind. While walking in the shadow world, Davina finds Kol who tells her it wasn’t a good idea for her to come. 

Arianna goes into Elijah’s mind and sees the entirety of his life. She reveals that an unending darkness lies before them and calls it a pale horse, a flame which will burn them all.

Klaus takes Cami into an alley to try and teach her how to feed with restraint. He believes she’s not herself and tells her such. She agrees and uses an intimate moment to snap his neck. She leaves the alley and runs directly into Detective Kinney. 

Kol takes Davina into a bar and tells her he wants to send her back to the living world before kissing her. He calms her and then she tells him she knows how to bring him back.

Cami asks Kinney to break into Lucien’s apartment to steal back her dark objects. He doesn’t understand why he’s doing everything she asks and just before she’s about to confess it all to him, Klaus shows up to stop her.

Kol tells Davina the spell is a fake but she recognizes that he’s lying. He tells her the spell is too dangerous and then understands it’s the work of the Sisters. He begs her to find another way. The ancestors find her and become angered by her presence.

Klaus and Cami argue over the heritage of her dark objects when he takes them from her to prevent her from using them. She tells him that she realizes he hates that she’s out of his control. Hayley comes to her rescue when Klaus tries to force her to stay.

Kol and Davina come face to face with the witch she killed to maintain control of the covens. 

Elijah and Klaus begin trying to solve the pale horse riddle, both frustrated by the fact that nothing about the weapon which can destroy them is straightforward. Elijah sense Klaus’ frustrations and tells his brother to leave Cami alone so they can save their family.

Hayley tries to reason with Cami, but Cami’s having none of it. Instead, Cami turns the tables on Hayley and tells her that Jackson’s death is relief and not grief. Cami feels bad for hurting Hayley and leaves the compound to go home.

The witch attacks Kol and Davina in the shadow world and Ain the real attic, Arianna severs Davina’s connection to Josh so that she can help her cross back over. 

During a talk with Hayley about letting Cami realize who she is as a vampire on her own, Klaus realizes that he knows what the weapon is.

Arianna takes Davina to St. Anne’s so they can cross back over. Kol cannot go with them. Arianna teaches Davina to cross back over by concentrating on the thing she loves the most. 

Klaus and Elijah learn that the pale horse is made of white oak. They also realize Cami stole it.

Arianna tells Davina she brought her back because Aya wanted her safe, and that making the choice to become one of the Sisters was worth it.

Davina and Josh share a beer and discuss their day and their grief. Josh tells her he would do whatever it took to bring Aiden back and advises her to take the Sisters up on their offer. 

Elijah visits Arianna at the Sisters’ chapel. He has come to kill her so that she cannot use his family’s secrets against them. Marcel and Josh share a drink and discuss the Strix and the fact that Davina became one of their witches. 

Hayley is overcome with grief while cleaning up her apartment. Elijah finds a way to provide her some measure of comfort.

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

The thing is, this is kind of the whole reason you have friends, so you don’t have to do the terrible parts alone.


Hayley, this family comes with many hardships, but there is one benefit. You will always have a home here.